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Flag football: And then there was one

One undefeated team remains in the Anna Maria Island Community Center NFL Football League. With Duffy’s Tavern Bucs 32-19 loss to MartiniVille Bears Feb. 17, Walter & Associates Steelers in the 10-12 age division is the lone undefeated team in the leagues ranging from age 5 to adults. However, the Steelers are not sitting on a huge lead as Holy Cow Colts are 9-2 and right on their heels.

Other than the close race in the adult division, where Duffy’s Tavern Bucs and Jessie’s Island Store Vikings are tied for first, and Sato Real Estate Browns and MartiniVille Bears are tied for second, the other age division have the first-place teams comfortably out front. Teams now will jockey down the stretch for favorable seed positions as the playoff season is quickly approaching.

The game of the week is a 13-16 division shootout between the first-place Beach Bistro Bears and second-place Bassett, Vita, Vining, & Herman Group Raiders, which was played Feb. 19. The Bears prevailed 38-33, but the difference in the game hinged on an interception return for a touchdown by Austin Ferrer, who had two picks on the day and a game-high nine flag pulls.

Ferrer also was dominant on the offensive side of the ball, rushing for 101 yards and a pair of touchdowns and an extra point. Nick Mello added 100 yards of total offense and a pair of touchdowns.

The Raiders were led by quarterback Reese Vita, who threw for 264 yards and five touchdown passes. Michael Duffman was his favorite target with 100 receiving yards, two touchdowns and a pair of extra points. Danny Doyle, Michael Galati and Hunter Parrish each had touchdown receptions in the loss. Doyle led the Raider defensive effort with four pulls, while Denver Hardy finished with three pulls.

On Feb. 17, Ross Built defeated LPAC 25-18 in another first vs. second matchup. Ross Built all but locked up first place in the 10-12 NFC division with the win. Andrew Ross threw for 167 yards and three touchdowns passes. Two went to Hayden Brewer, who finished with 50 receiving yards, while Cameron Brauner added a touchdown and an extra point.

Brewer also had a big day on defense with six pulls and an interception to lead the Vikings, which also received an interception from Luke Valadie and four pulls from Andrew Ross in the victory.

Michael Latimer led the Cardinals with three touchdowns and 71 all-purpose yards. Tyler Pearson finished with a game-high 90 rushing yards, and Issac Henderson passed for 56 yards and two touchdowns in the loss.

Ethan Bertrand led the Cardinals defensive effort with nine flag pulls and Latimer added a pair of interceptions.

The 8-9 division game of the week had the Beach Bums Seahawks edge the Island Real Estate Saints 12-6 to end a long Feb. 19 day of flag football at the Center.

Ethan Helvey passed for 17 yards and a touchdown pass to Tori Walter, while also running for 38 yards and a touchdown in the victory. Walter also had a huge day on defense, finishing with a game-high seven flag pulls, while Hanna McCracken and Adam OualDaba each finished with three pulls.

Alex Rodriguez had 40 all-purpose yards and a touchdown to lead the Seahawk offense, that also received 47 rushing yards from Jackson Hayes and 38 rushing yards from Andrew Procter in the loss.

Horseshoe news

Four teams emerged from a crowded Feb. 19 morning at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits to advance to the knockout stage. Herb Puryear and Bruce Munro rolled past Sam Samuels and Steve Grossman 21-12 in one semifinal game, while Bob Lee overpowered Leo Hutton and Stan Musial 22-9. Lee was unstoppable in the final, taking an easy 21-7 win.

Only two teams managed three wins during pool play and were left to battle for the day’s bragging rights during Feb. 16 horseshoe action. Ron Pepka and Tennessee Bob were leading John Crawford 15-12. Pepka threw a ringer, but Disbrow topped his ringer on his first throw and then knocked Pepka’s ringer off on his final throw to tie the score at 15 all. Undaunted, Pepka came through with a double ringer to win the match.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection. There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.

Key Royale golf news

John Estoc emerged from more than 60 members to win the Key Royale Club 18-hole, match-play championship. The match-play tournament started in early January and culminated with the match Feb. 18.

Estoc was unstoppable in the championship match against runner-up Mike Ross, winning 7 and 6, meaning Estoc was up seven holes with six left to play.

The ladies and gentlemen of the club got together for a nine-hole, coed scramble Feb. 18. The team of Nell Bergstrom, Bob Dickenson and Earl Hunzinger carded a 10-under-par 22 to take first place. Jane Winegarden, Joyce Brown, Dennis Schavey and Tom Warda, along with the team of Terry Westby, Maxine Miller and Gary Alvord were two shots back in a tie for second.

The men played a team scramble Feb. 17 that saw sandbagging Bill Lowman, along with Bob Soos and Tim Friesen fire a 6-under-par 26 to take first place. One shot back in second place was the team of Tom Nelson, Jim Clarke, Jim Mixon and Tony Czaja.

Feb. 16 saw the men play an 18-hole, two-best-balls-of-foursome match. The team of Pieter Thomassen, Jim McVicar, Dave Kruger and Jim Krumme combined on a 20-under-par 108. One shot back and in a tie for second were Carl Voyles and Ed Havlik and the team of Joe Dickenson, Art Hibbs and Andy Barber.

The men’s Feb. 15 Stableford game had Tommy McDonnell, Tom Nelson, Quentin Talbert and Ron Harrold score plus-4 for first place. Bob Lange won the individual competition with a plus-5.

The women of the Key Royale Club played an individual-low-net game as well as a team-low-net match Feb. 15. Pam Alvord carded an impressive 4-under-par 28 to capture Flight A by three shots over Judy Crowe, Maxine Mitchell and Mary Selby, who finished in a three-way tie.

Margrit Layh matched Alvord’s 4-under-par score to take first place in Flight B.

Barb Harrold, Sue Little and Joanne Ozdych carded matching 1-under-par 31s to finish in a tie for first place in Flight C.

Shirley Cessna and Christina Mason finished in a tie for first place in Flight D at 3-under par-29

Judy Crowe, Margrit Layh, Jean Holmes and Patty Townsend took the team low-net title with a combined 5-under-par 123.

AMICC NFL Flag Football League schedule

Adult Division

Feb. 24    5:30 Ralph’s vs. Walter

Feb. 24    6:30 Slim’s vs. Jessie’s

Feb. 24    7:30 BTBC vs. MartiniVille

Feb. 24    8:30 Duffy’s vs. Hanks Sato

Feb. 24    9:30 Bob Vita  vs. Sun

13-16 Division

Feb. 23    8 p.m.      Bistro vs. Mr. Bones

Feb. 28    8 p.m.      Bistro vs. BVV&H

Mar. 1     8 p.m.      BVV&H vs. Mr. Bones

10-12 Division

Feb. 23    6 p.m.      Oyster Bar vs. Mr. Spiffy

Feb. 23    7 p.m.      Sandbar vs. Southern

Feb. 25    7 p.m.      Eat Here vs. Holy Cow

Feb. 25    8 p.m.      LPAC vs. Southern

Feb. 26    12 p.m.    LPAC vs. Sandbar

Feb. 28    6 p.m.      Eat Here vs. Mr. Spiffy

Feb. 28    7 p.m.      LPAC vs. LaPensee

Mar. 1     12 p.m.    Eat Here vs. Walter

8-9 Division

Feb. 25    6 p.m.      IRE vs. Connelly Marine

Feb. 26    11 a.m.    Beach Bums vs. Connelly Marine

Mar. 1     6 p.m.      IRE vs. Beach Bums

5-7 Division

Feb. 23    6 p.m.      Tyler’s vs. A&E

Feb. 25    6 p.m.      Connelly Marine vs. Dental Spa

Feb. 25    7 p.m.      Dental Spa vs. A&E

Feb. 28    6 p.m.      Connelly Marine vs. A&E

AMICC NFL Flag Football League standings

8-9 Division                     Won     Loss   Tie

Beach Bums                     9           1        0

Island Real Estate            5           5        0

Connelly Marine              1           8        0

NFC 10-12 Division

Ross Built                        9           1        0

LPAC                               4           3        0

LaPensee Plumbing         4           5        0

Sandbar                            2           6        0

Southern Greens              1           9        0

AFC 10-12 Division

Walter & Assoc.              8           0        0

Holy Cow                         9           2        0

Eat Here                           5           4        0

Oyster Bar                        2           7        0

Mr. Spiffy                        0           8        0

13-16 Division

Bistro                               8           1        0

BVV&H                           5           4        0

1st. Bank                          4           5        0

Mr. Bones                        1           8        0

Adult Division

Duffy’s                             5           1        0

Jessie’s                             5           1        0

Sato Real Estate              5           2        0

MartiniVille                     5           2        0

Hurricane Hanks              4           2        0

Sun                                   4           3        0

Slim’s Place                     3           3        0

Walter & Assoc.              2           4        0

BTBC                               2           5        0

Bob Vita                          0           6        0

Rotten Ralph’s                 0           6        0

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