Prosecution proceeds with neglect case

State prosecutors will proceed with a child neglect case against a Bradenton Beach mom arrested by police in November 2010.

The prosecution previously dropped a felony child-neglect charge against the woman’s former boyfriend.

Both Phaedra Christina Brace and Lance Aaron Blaylock were arrested Nov. 6, 2010, in Bradenton Beach after a neighbor complained to police about a crying child.

A Bradenton Beach Police Department report said that when officers arrived Blaylock was lying in a puddle of vomit in the back yard and a pan of food was burning on the stovetop. A neighbor had found the child crying and naked.

Brace, according to the report, arrived home shortly after an ambulance took Blaylock to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. She told police she went for a walk after an argument with Blaylock.

A probable cause report filed with Manatee County Circuit Court quoted her as saying she thought Blaylock “was OK to watch the child and not that drunk.”

Brace, who has pleaded not guilty, has requested a jury trial.

A disposition report from the state attorney’s office explained the prosecution’s decision to proceed with the case against Brace but not with the case against Blaylock.

Blaylock, the state indicated, was heavily intoxicated after drinking all day. Therefore, it would be difficult for the prosecution to prove he “willfully” neglected the child.

Brace, however, was not intoxicated. Brace, the state alleged, “made the conscious decision to leave the child in care of a person whose impairment was such that she should have reasonably expected his inability to care” for the child.

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