Anna Maria gets bonus pier beach

Before the West Coast Inland Navigation District project to dredge Bimini Bay/Key Royale channel and pipeline spoil to both sides of the Anna Maria city pier shoreline, WCIND executive director Chuck Listowski and Anna Maria public works director George McKay estimated the project would extend the shoreline by 10-30 feet.

The amount of spoil — beach quality sand — that resulted from the dredging, however, was greater than anticipated.

With the project now complete, Anna Maria has a beach at the 800-foot-long city pier that extends about 150 feet into Tampa Bay.

It might be an unexpected bonus. The 2010 DEP permit modification approving the project allowed WCIND to dredge up to 3,900 cubic yards of spoil from Bimini Bay and pump it to the designated Anna Maria shoreline.

DEP and WCIND officials did not yet have the total amount of spoil dredged during the project.

Ana Gibbs of the DEP’s Temple Terrace office said she would check into the amount dredged and determine if it exceeded the permitted amount.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection approved the 2010 modification that allowed the WCIND to dredge the Bimini Bay/Key Royale channel. The DEP also inspected and approved the quality of the dredged material in the Bimini Bay/Key Royale channels as “beach compatible.”

WCIND performed the dredging under a federal grant that did not require funding from Anna Maria.

4 thoughts on “Anna Maria gets bonus pier beach

      1. Nancy McAleer

        I agree with Coastal Engineer. The houses along the Bay beach were precariously close to falling into the Bay! It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to sink my toes in the sand.


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