Time change set for March 11

Daylight saving time will begin at 2 a.m. March 11, with most of the country springing forward an hour.

The date might feel early to some — a mandate in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 moved up daylight saving time to extend the period by a month.

Though some U.S. territories, as well as Hawaii and most of Arizona do not observe daylight-saving time, about 70 countries do observe a time change. DST is known in the European Union as “the summertime period,” and DST is observed in the southern hemisphere from about October to March.

The primary reason for following a daylight-saving time is to conserve energy — demand for power is directly tied to when residents go to bed and when they get up. By moving the clock ahead by an hour in the spring, timekeepers made the sun set an hour later.

For close trackers of time, daylight saving time will end Nov. 4.

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