HB removes unauthorized political sign

A political sign attacking Judy Holmes Titsworth, a candidate vying for a seat on the Holmes Beach City Commission in the Nov. 6 election, was removed Oct. 14 by police from a median at Gulf and Marina drives.

        Commissioner Pat Morton reported an anonymous person improperly placed the sign on public property at 5400 Gulf Drive. The sign may appear to be slanderous, but it was in violation of city ordinance, according to the Holmes Beach Police Department report.

        Two more red-and-black signs with the same message and a statement it was “sponsored by concerned citizens,” were subsequently found at the corners of Harbor and Gulf drives and at Sixth Street and Manatee Avenue. They too were removed by police, according to code enforcement officer David Forbes.

        HBPD Lt. Dale Stephenson said the sign Morton reported was on city-owned property without permission, and therefore removed. He also understood the two other signs were in the rights of way and, therefore, were removed.

        Last week, HBPD delivered one of the signs to Forbes, who pointed to a section in the city’s sign ordinance that authorizes the removal of illegally placed signs. Forbes said the sign lacked candidate approval, and displayed no address or the identity of its sponsor. State election law requires political advertisements to expressly state the content of the advertisement was approved by a candidate or political group, as well as who paid for it.

        Holmes Beach Commission Chair David Zaccagnino said he contacted Titsworth and asked if she approved the sign, and she advised she had not.

        Titsworth denied the signs’ allegations against her, adding she’d seen the sign on private property.

        Regardless, she said, it will not deter her campaign.

2 thoughts on “HB removes unauthorized political sign

  1. Lori Waggoner

    I was curious if the statement on the sign was true, so I researched it. It is true. The information is easily found in the Manatee and Sarasota county official records. Two rather recent judgemenst from two large banks. Together they equal nearly $1,000,000. Though it seems they share the judgements with business partners, they are an equal party to the judgement. I say “they” but only Mr. Titsworth is named.

    It appears they were attempting to build some “McMansions” and failed. Interesting.

    Politics 101: Don’t publically deny something that is easily verified in public records.

    1. Judy Titsworth

      The reason that Bonner printed the article is simple…. she likes to stir things up. The reason I denied the allegations is that I am running for office. Not Steve. I wasn’t mentioned on any guarantees. The reason that these signs were printed is in retaliation to someone thinking that Steve had turned them into FEMA when in fact, it was a neighbor. All Steve and I were guilty of was bringing the use of questionable affidavits to the City. As for the lawsuits…. These are between Steve and Dooley Mack Construction. Steve was approached by Bill Dooley maybe 7 or 8 years ago about joining his team in the home building industry. It really looked promising at the time as Steve wouldn’t be responsible for the accounting or estimating of the company. He would just build houses which he is really good at. The kicker in it was he was to assume a small partnership and a required small buy in. He did this as he thought at the time that Dooley Mack had a great reputation. This also required all parties to guarantee notes borrowed by Mr. Dooley. Unfortunately, Steve did this without the advise of an attorney. The seperation agreement stated that upon Steve leaving the company, he would be removed from all guarantees. Now we get to the situation at hand. After several years with Dooley Mack, Steve did not agree with the accounting practices and turned in his resignation, along with the required request to be removed from any guarantees. Being that the notes were renewed annually and they were maturing that week, Steve felt that his separation was finished. It wasn’t until several years later, after several renewals of the notes and much more money borrowed by Mr. Dooley that we we found he had defaulted on all of his loans and he failed to remove Steve from any of the guarantees.
      Our attorney is currently handling this for us and although it is unfortunate, the only thing that I find my husband guilty of is trusting someone who didn’t really deserve it. There. You have it. Lori, if you have any more questions regarding my background, please feel free to stop by and see me.


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