New commission meets Nov. 20

The first regular meeting of the Holmes Beach City Commission to include new office holders from the Nov. 6 election — with a work session immediately following —  will be held at 7 p.m., Nov. 20, in city hall chambers, 5801 Marina Drive.

        City clerk Stacey Johnston announced the meeting change last week. The previously scheduled Nov. 27 meeting has been canceled.

        According to city officials, the change was made to accommodate Commissioner Jean Peelen, who is unable to attend the later November date.

        Commissioners-elect Judy Holmes Titsworth and Marvin Grossman, along with Mayor-elect Carmel Monti, will be sworn in a day prior, at 9 a.m., Nov. 19, at an organizational meeting. The new commissioners with sitting commissioners, David Zaccagnino, Peelen and Pat Morton, are expected to choose the commission’s chair and vice chair. The chairperson also serves as deputy mayor.

        The new commissioners on the dais will replace 14-year incumbent Commissioners Sandy Haas-Martens and John Monetti, a six-year incumbent.

         Monti will take Mayor Rich Bohnenberger’s seat after eight years as mayor and eight years as commissioner.

        According to the city charter, the mayor is the city administrator and has the right to attend all commission meetings and take part in discussions, but does not vote.

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One thought on “New commission meets Nov. 20

  1. Alfred Eldridge

    I notice a new line-up for the City of Anna Maria..we just returned from a week on the island, and we hope someone will stop people from burning trash and wood and whatever all day..from early morning out on our bikes, to sunset…we encountered air polluted by smoke from residents. I’m not talking about charcoal grills for dinner…I’m talking about fire pits and other smoke producers…we had to close our windows on more than one occasion. This needs to be addressed.


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