Attorney adds to record public records request

Attorney Rich Rumrell of Rumrell Law, Rumrell, Bate & McCleod, P.A., St. Augustine, who represents unidentified Anna Maria property owners, has made another public records request of the city.

Mayor SueLynn said the records request of Feb. 1 would take staff several weeks to compile, and Rumrell submitted a second request Feb. 8, adding to his previous list, all permit applications for residential homes three stories or higher since Jan. 1, 2009, to the present.

He also requested permit applications for homes greater than 2,700 square feet, any documents since 2010 concerning police procedure for a noise complaint at a single-family residence, a vacation rental or a long-term rental.

Rumrell also requested any databases of vacation rental owners from 2010 to present and any databases of long-term rentals from 2010 to the present.

Rumrell has declined to identify his clients.

His public records requests began after the commission passed an administrative moratorium Jan. 31 — meaning city officials could not accept new permit requests — for the issuance of building permits for single-family home construction, while the commission finalizes and approves a construction moratorium ordinance.

Mayor SueLynn said staff members have been gathering documents already requested by Rumrell, and that after discussing the new request with the city attorney, staff will compile records for the second request.

Commissioners have discussed lowering the maximum height of new construction from 37 feet to 27 feet, and other possible limits.

Commissioners will not be enacting any new law enforcement procedures for noise complaints. Dye has said law enforcement procedures by Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to the Anna Maria substation are the duty of the mayor, not the commission.

SueLynn said the only new procedure for noise complaints is that a copy of a noise complaint that deputies respond to is given to the code enforcement officer for review. The city has an ordinance that limits loud noises after 10 p.m.

The mayor said she would research the number of times deputies were called on a noise complaint in 2012, but believes there were less than five complaints for the year.

Code enforcement officer Gerry Rathvon did not issue any citations in 2012 to any renter, manager or owner for violating the city’s noise ordinance.

3 thoughts on “Attorney adds to record public records request

  1. dale.schmitz

    I thought that there were articles and city meetings notes where the “Best Practices” were going to be instituted by realtors and resort rentals regarding noise? The guy from PAR, Mike Coalman mentioned that there were over sixty kmown complaints last year. It would be easy to determine just ask the police chief. So I guess under the Rumrell theory since none of those hotels were registered with the state or paying resort taxes the city & state can’t do anything? If there are only five whats the big concern?

  2. Nancy

    OK Let me get this straight…….
    According to past articles in this paper, the code enforcement office stated they had a list of about 500 rental properties in Anna Maria. City Commissioner Chuck Webb said he believed there were nearly 700 in the city. For arguments sake lets say there are around 600.

    In the above article Mayor SueLynn stated that she thought there were LESS THAN FIVE noise complaints for 2012.
    That’s less than 1% of the rental homes that had a complaint!!!!!
    What on earth is the commission doing wasting their time on this so called “noise issue”?????

    Has anyone had the common sense to work out the statistics on this before the lawyers were forced into the situation???

    I hope the Commissioners get some common sense shaken into them from all this mess, that in the end the taxpayers will have to pay for…they need it!


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