HB chief sets meeting on traffic laws

A traffic safety meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the Holmes Beach City Hall chambers, 5801 Marina Drive.

        Holmes Beach Interim Police Chief Dale Stephenson will talk about traffic laws and ways to promote safe city streets.

        The meeting will include frequently asked questions, he said, such as the reason for the small blue lights under stop lights.

        The answer, according to Mayor Carmel Monti, is the blue light is synced to the red light so an officer can be at any place near the intersection and see when the light changes.

        “He does not have to be looking at the red light itself to see if someone has run a red light,” wrote Monti in a public service announcement.

        Recent concerns have been voiced about the closeness of the bike lane to the traffic as more tourists visit the island during the season.

        Stephenson gave two examples of recent accidents involving bicyclists.

        Less than a month ago, a bicyclist was going against the flow of traffic at 43rd Street and Gulf Drive, and another incident occurred more than a month ago at Clark and Palm drives when a woman on a bicycle drifted onto the soft shoulder after being startled by a trolley.

        While Stephenson knew of no injuries associated with the accidents, he said the meeting will promote safety and, hopefulle, prevent future injuries.

        For more information, call the HBPD at 941-708-5804.

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