Carleton case turned over to feds

The Holmes Beach Police Department has announced that Michael Carlton, formerly of Coast Line Realtors is under investigation by the U.S. Postal Service and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Carleton lost his realtor’s license in March following a three-count complaint related to a $10,000 escrow deposit paid to Carleton in 2012 for a property at 106 55th St., Holmes Beach.

Carleton failed to register the escrow account into his beach rental company, Coast Line Accommodations.

Coast Line Accommodations has had 60 complaints filed against it and HBPD has been investigating those cases. The primary complaint against Carleton is double booking rental properties and failing to refund all or the majority of the renter’s deposit.

Carleton’s business in Holmes Beach shut down a few months ago and his business address changed to a Sarasota address.

A press release from HBPD Police Chief Bill Tokajer said the investigation has been turned to the federal agencies and, “When criminal charges are filed, Michael Carleton will be charged with federal charges and prosecuted in the federal court system.”

Any member of the public who has contact with Carleton or his rental company and has had similar experience is asked to contact HBPD or the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal Inspector Alexandra Papageorge can be reached at 813-281-5237 or email

One thought on “Carleton case turned over to feds

  1. Jacqueline Wilson

    if the police require any info from me or pictures of 2 nd avenue home he rented to us but we didn’t get I will gladly send you the awful pictures of that property and tell you all about Mike carleton lies he fed us too ,I’m from the uk I was lucky bar one hundred dollars i threatened him and got my money back


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