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Flag football warms up community center gridiron


NFL flag football season at the Anna Maria Island Community Center is in full swing with games being played nearly every weeknight.

Though it’s still early in the season, teams are trying to establish themselves as the one to beat come playoff time.

The league’s 8-10 year olds have Beach Bistro Buccaneers, West Coast Air Conditioning Dolphins, Beach Bum Patriots and Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings tied in first place with an early run on matching 1-0 records. LPAC Cardinals and Manatee Diagnostic Ravens follow at 0-1, while Miller Electric Chargers dropped a pair of games last week and sit at 0-2.

Beach Bistro edged LPAC 31-27 in the 8-10 game of the week behind two touchdowns each from Chris Snyder and German Rivera, while David Daigle added to the victory with a touchdown and an extra point on offense, as well as an interception on defense.

Cole Pearson led the Cardinals with three touchdowns, while Sean Rodriguez added a touchdown and a pair of extra points in the loss. Rodriguez also led the Cardinals with eight flag pulls and a pair of interceptions.

In other action, West Coast Air Conditioning Dolphins defeated Miller Electric Cowboys 26-6 on Jan. 15. Beach Bum Patriots edged Manatee Diagnostic Center Ravens 20-18 to open a pair of games played Jan. 17. Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings cooled off Miller Electric Cowboys 18-13 in the second game.

The 11-13 division standings have LPAC Cardinals, Sandbar Colts and Beach to Bay Construction Buccaneers tied on top with 1-0 records, while Bark & Company Realty Ravens, Eat Here Redskins and Will C. Photos Falcons follow with 0-1 records in the first week of action.

LPAC edged the Bark Ravens 14-7 Jan. 13 for the 11-13 game of the week. The Cardinals were led by Tyler Pearson’s two touchdowns and two extra points, while Joey Altashaw added one touchdown in the victory. Altashaw also led defense with five flag pulls, while Pearson and Daniel Sentman contributed to the victory with interceptions.

Leo Tilelli paced the Raven offense with a touchdown and an extra point, while also contributing an interception and three flag pulls on defense. Thiam Bathie added an interception, while John Smith led the Ravens with four flag pulls.

Sandbar Colts rolled up the Eat Here Redskins 42-19 in the second game of the evening, while Beach to Bay Construction Buccaneers easily defeated Will C. Photos Falcons 19-6 Jan. 17.

The 14-17 division has The Feast Broncos, Integrity Sound Lions, Galati Yacht Sales Buccaneers and Sun Bears with 1-0 records, while Waterfront Restaurant Cowboys, Mr. Bones Bengals, Swordfish Grill Browns and West Coast Surf Shop Jaguars all sit at 0-1.

There were three games Jan. 14 starting with the Galati Yacht Sales Buccaneers defeating Surf Shop Jaguars 39-27, and ending with The Feast Broncos easing past Mr. Bones Bengals 18-6. However, the game of the week was second up on the night, with Integrity Sound Lions pouncing on the Swordfish Grill Browns 34-31.

Joey Carder paced the Lions with two rushing touchdowns, while also throwing two touchdown passes and scoring an extra point. Justin Carder added one touchdown and Andrew Zink finished with two extra points.

Lane Burnett led the defensive effort with four flag pulls and an interception return for a touchdown.

Derek Polch completed nine passes, including four that went for touchdowns to lead the Browns. Mikey Ellsworth had two touchdown receptions and an extra point, while Katelyn Rodd and Tim Williams both added touchdown receptions in the loss.


Horseshoe news

Two teams emerged from pool play and battled for bragging rights in Jan. 18 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits.

Rod Bussey and Hank Huyghe rolled to an easy 21-4 victory over Bob Palmer and John Crawford in the finals.

Three teams advanced to the knockout round during Jan. 15 horseshoe action. The team of Bob Mason and Dom Livedoti drew the bye into the finals and watched as walker Bob Palmer walked past Gene Bobeldyk and Paul Sheatler by a 22-13 score. Mason-Livedoti then defeated Palmer in the finals by the same 22-13 score.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection.

There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.


AMICC NFL Flag Football League schedule

5-7 Division

Jan. 24      6 p.m.       Air & Energy vs. Beaches Real Estate


8-10 Division

Jan. 22      6 p.m.       Bistro vs. Cowboys

Jan. 24      6 p.m.       LPAC vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream

Jan. 24      7 p.m.       Manatee Diagnostic vs. Cowboys

Jan. 27      6 p.m.       Beach Bums vs. Bistro


11-13 Division

Jan. 24      8 p.m.       Eat Here vs. Beach to Bay Const.

Jan. 25      9 a.m.       Will C. Photos vs. LPAC

Jan. 25      10 a.m.     Sandbar vs. Ravens

Jan. 27      7 p.m.       Eat Here vs. Ravens

Jan. 27      8 p.m.       Will C. Photos vs. Sandbar


14-17 Division

Jan. 23      6 p.m.       Integrity Sound vs. Galati Yacht Sales

Jan. 25      11 a.m.     Bengals vs. Swordfish Grill

Jan. 25      12 p.m.     Integrity Sound vs. The Sun

Jan. 25      1 p.m.       Galati Yacht Sales vs. The Feast

Jan. 25      2 p.m.       Waterfront Restaurant vs. Jaguars


18-Over Division

Jan. 22      7 p.m.       Beach Bistro vs. Waterfront

Jan. 22      8 p.m.       Agnelli Pool vs. Slim’s Place

Jan. 22      9 p.m.       Duffy’s vs. Beach to Bay Const.


30-Over Division

Jan. 23      7 p.m.       Ross Built vs. Island Gourmet

Jan. 23      8 p.m.       Jessie’s vs. Tyler’s Ross Built

Jan. 23      9 p.m.       Agnelli Pool vs. IRE


AMICC Adult Volleyball League schedule

Feb. 4        6:30 p.m. Duncan Real Estate vs. Southern Greens

Feb. 4        7:30 p.m. FL Discount Signs vs. Duncan Real Estate

Feb. 4     8:30 p.m.               Southern Greens vs. FL Discount Signs

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