Cell tower to rise July 16

“Can you hear me now?”

The question is common among mobile phone users in the Bradenton Beach area who complain about poor service.

But that problem will be resolved pretty soon.

Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale announced at the June 5 city commission meeting that construction of the cell tower near the city’s public works facility, 400 Church Ave., would begin June 16.

Surveyors will be laying out the sight June 9, with the groundbreaking to take place a week later.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Florida Tower Partners LLC, of Bradenton will present the city with its first installment payment of $320,000.

The proposed tower will resemble an antenna, standing 150 feet in height on a foundation with dimensions measuring 60 feet by 70 feet.

The structure will begin at the southeast corner of the public works building and stretch east toward the marina and south into the city parking lot, although only one parking space is expected to be eliminated.

Construction will take six-10 weeks.

Verizon and AT&T are the primary providers, but there will be room for eight more companies on the tower.

Each provider must pay the city $2,500 a month for the use of the tower.

The tower will be designed with a collapse point, a 30-foot clearance zone for a fall in case of a storm, and all equipment will be stored inside the tower, and nothing will be at risk to fly off the structure. It will be able to withstand winds in excess of 115 mph.

FTP also is planning a tower at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, which is predicted to get underway in November or December.

One thought on “Cell tower to rise July 16

  1. steve Kulp

    When will you look at Lakewood Ranch for a cell tower. Service is horrible out here and a $300.00 signal extender does not work in conjunction with a Brighthouse modem. We’re stuck here with no reliable Verizon service


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