Dredging to commence, beaches to be rebuilt

When storms washed over Anna Maria Island in July, they swept out the sandy beach at the Anna Maria City Pier, 100 S. Bay Blvd.

Storms exposed rocks and cement pilings left under the sandy cover of the renourished shoreline.

And so, Sept. 2, the city commission authorized Mayor Dan Murphy to sign a contract with C&M Dredging of Leesburg to dredge the entrance to Lake LaVista. Dredged sand will be used to replenish the adjacent beach.

The city will pay $89,860 to C&M to pump an estimated 2,300 cubic yards of sand south of the inlet.

Lake LaVista must be regularly dredged due to sand and silt flowing in from the bay, preventing navigation by boats.

Murphy halted a LaVista dredging project in January, objecting to plans to store the spoil at the Anna Maria City Pier Park at Pine Avenue and North Bay Boulevard.

Murphy said he stopped the work because the dredging contact required the sand and silt to be removed from the island, not stored in the park.

He also began working with West Coast Inland Navigation District to find a long-term solution to sand filling the Lake LaVista inlet and impeding navigation. WCIND mapped the lake and inlet this summer to work on a solution.

Murphy said he hasn’t received the study results.

The dredging project is scheduled to begin Sept. 14.

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