Cortez woman charged with DUI

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A woman faces a charge of with driving under the influence Oct. 30 after a traffic stop on Manatee Avenue at Gulf Drive for a burned-out taillight.

The passenger-side taillight was out on a vehicle driven by Shannon Pasik, 25, catching the attention of Holmes Beach Police Officer Alan Bores. While advising Pasik of the light being out, Bores observed the odor of alcohol and slurred speech, according to a police report.

Pasik stated she had consumed “nothing” when initially questioned and that she was picking up a friend from D.Coy Ducks Bar & Grill.

As she exited the vehicle, Pasik lost her balance and fell into the side of the car, according to Bores report. She then stated she consumed a “half beer.”

Field sobriety tests were conducted and Pasik was taken into custody. A breath sample was taken at MCSO.

Pasik posted a $500 bond and was released on Oct. 30.

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