Anna Maria VRO lobbyist gets to work

What’s up in Tallahassee?

Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy reported at a Feb. 7 city meeting that lobbyist Chip Case is at work on behalf of the city in the state capital.

Case was hired Jan. 23 on a $5,000 monthly retainer to battle state Senate and House bills that pose threats to the city’s vacation rental ordinance.

Murphy said Feb. 7 he would provide regular updates from Case.

On Jan. 12, commissioners discussed the bill introduced by Sen. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, and the bill introduced by Rep. Mike La Rosa, R-Polk, which would undo all legislation targeting vacation rentals passed after June 1, 2011.

Both bills are currently in committees.

The Senate measure would need to be approved by the Regulated Industries, Community Affairs and Rules committees before it goes to the floor.

The House measure must go through the Agriculture and Property Rights Subcommittee, Careers and Competition Subcommittee and Commerce Committee before a vote in the House.

According to Murphy, Case said the city has a chance of killing the Senate bill because the regulated industries committee chair, Sen. Travis Hutson, R-Flagler, has a history of supporting city rights.

Case also drafted letters and emails for citizens to send to their senators and representatives in opposition to the bills. The letters are posted on the city of Anna Maria website and include information for contacting Steube, Hutson, La Rosa and local district lawmakers, Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, and Rep. Jim Boyd, R-Bradenton.

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