Galati burglars ordered to pay $13K

The power of video.

A hefty restitution order and probation close the cases of two Bradenton men accused of the 2016 burglaries caught on tape at Galati Yacht Sales in Anna Maria.

Tyler Hollingshead, 24, and Jacob Bennett, 19, pleaded no contest in July to charges stemming from the burglaries a little more than a year ago.

Twelfth Circuit Judge Brien Iten ordered the men jointly and severally liable for $12,933.76 in restitution to Michael Galati.

Iten withheld adjudication on multiple burglary counts for both men. And for Bennett, the judge withheld adjudication on counts of dealing in stolen property and obtaining money from a pawn broker.

Both men were sentenced to 4-year probation. Monthly payments to Galati are a condition of Bennett’s probation.

Three juveniles also were charged and arrested for the burglaries, however, no court record is available for the minors.   A surveillance camera recorded Bennett, Hollingshead and the three juveniles in the 800 block of South Bay Boulevard as they stole items from dry-dock yachts at the marina, including a shotgun and pistol. They broke glass and damaged some of the vessels.

A Manatee County Sheriff’s Office investigation led to the arrests.

Both Hollingshead and Bennett were assessed more than $700 in fines and costs, including $200 for MCSO investigative costs.

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