Newcomers outspend Holmes Beach incumbents

With less than a week left before the Nov. 7 municipal election, three Holmes Beach commissioners were being outspent by the two candidates challenging for their seats.

First-time candidates Jim Kihm and Rick Hurst were running Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, in raising and spending money.

Kihm raised $4,365 and spent $2,941.50. He led all candidates in fundraising and spending as of Oct. 26.

Hurst raised $1,665.74 and spent $949.20 as of Oct. 26.

Three incumbents whose two-year terms expire in November, Commissioners Marvin Grossman, Pat Morton and Carol Soustek, are seeking re-election.

The most recent report filed Oct. 20 by treasurer Constance Kihm, the candidate’s wife, showed Kihm put in $700 of his own money and accepted contributions from 43 individuals and one business.

Individual donors: Kevin Gavin, $500; Zita Gavin, $250; W. Barry Martin and J. Gregory Bayer, $150 each; Barbara Kitchell, William Gavin, Matthew Nowicki, Kathleen Whelan, David Schwartz, Vincent Fanton, Renee Ferguson, Margaret Holt Burch, Karl Schlichter, John Hutcherson, Dale Cini, Robert Carter, Terry Schaefer and Daniel Dwyer, $100 each.

Jean Peelen, Robert Squier, Nancy Deal, Stephen Claussen, John Ferguson, Matthew Bower, Laurie D. Harris, Herman Clark, Sandra Haas-Martens, Kimberly Rash, Melissa Rash, Theresa Rash, Kimball Rash and Richard Weingard, David Cheshire and Ronald Vandeman, $50 each; Marjorie Miller-Motzer, $35; H.G. Kamberis, George Parker, Gary Duncan, Janet Reuwer, Pamela Leckie and Gregory Paszko, $25 each; Maggie Plath, $20; and Valerie McGannon, $10.

Kihm also received $150 from AMI Beaches Real Estate of Holmes Beach.

His funds went toward advertising, shirts, stamps, printing and signage.

Hurst is his own treasurer. His most recent report filed Oct. 13 showed contributions from one individual and one business.

Catherine Hurst donated in-kind mailing services worth $565.74.

He also received $1,100 from TH3 Solutions of Holmes Beach, which is Hurst’s company.

Hurst spent $949.20, mostly on stamps, business cards and signage.

Morton is his own treasurer. His most recent report filed Oct. 20 showed he raised $265, including contributions from three individuals: Clarence Morton, $180; Michael Kendall, $50; and Edna Davis Ervin, $35.

Morton paid a $60 filing fee out of campaign funds.

Soustek is her own treasurer. Her most recent report filed Oct. 13 shows she raised $750, including $100 from herself and contributions from six individuals.

Individual donors: Melissa Rach, $250; John Hutcherson, Jayne Christensen and Barbara Hines, $100; Renee Ferguson and Nancy Deal, $50.

Soustek spent $339.14, mostly on stamps, envelopes and cupcakes.

Grossman treasurer Nancy Deal filed a report Oct. 13 showing he raised $1,200, including $400 from himself and contributions from eight individuals and one business.

Individual donors: Ronald and Gail Travis, $200; Barbara and David Hines, John and Karen Hutcherson, $100; Karen Zimmerman; Deal and Renee Ferguson, $50; and H.G. and B.C. Kamberis, $25, and Diane Goolsby, $25.

Grossman also received $200 from Howe Development of Holmes Beach.

Grossman spent $390.42, mostly on printing, stamps, envelopes and signage.

The candidate with the fewest votes Nov. 7 will be eliminated. The candidate with the next-fewest votes will be elected to a one-year term and the three top vote-getters win two-year terms.

Commissioners receive a monthly stipend of $400.

The election is nonpartisan. Commissioners represent the citywide electorate. Holmes Beach had 2,780 registered voters as of Oct. 24, according to the office of Michael Bennett, Manatee County supervisor of elections.

The Holmes Beach polling location at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, will be open Election Day 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

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