DUI arrest in Holmes Beach turns to conviction

A Manatee County judge sentenced a Bradenton man to 12 months probation for driving under the influence, refusing a balance test and drug possession.

Timothy Gossage, 23, pleaded no contest Feb. 8 to the three counts.

Twelfth Circuit Judge Robert Farrance found him guilty and imposed the probation, including a concurrent six-month probation for possessing a cyclobenzaprine pill. The judge credited Gossage’s time served in Manatee County jail.

Gossage also pleaded no contest to possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. The judge withheld adjudication on that count.

Gossage’s probation includes DUI school and a victim-impact panel.

Farrance ordered Gossage to stay clean — off non-prescribed drugs — and to submit to random urinalyses.

The judge suspended Gossage’s driver’s license for six months and ordered 50 hours of public service work.

He also gave Gossage the option to terminate his probation by written request after six months.

HBPD arrested Gossage and suggested the four charges after an officer observed him weaving and speeding on Manatee Avenue.

An officer also issued speeding and failure to display registration tickets, which are pending in court.

Gossage was assessed more than $1,900 in fines and costs, according to court records.

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