Bradenton man pays for DUI

About half of a Bradenton man’s dues are paid following his driving-under-the-influence conviction in 2017.

Michael Flotow Jr., 50, pleaded no contest Nov. 28, 2017, to a DUI offense stemming from a September 2017 arrest in Holmes Beach.

Twelfth Circuit Judge Robert A. Farrance sentenced Flotow to 12 months probation, with orders to complete a DUI program, victim-impact panel, 50 hours of public service, and to pay $2,371 in costs and fines. Court records show Flotow has paid $1,105 thus far.

Farrance’s order includes an automatic early termination date upon completion of the terms.

The judge also suspended Flotow driver’s license for six months, impounded his vehicle for 10 days and ordered an alcohol-detection device installed in his vehicle for six months.

Holmes Beach police initially stopped Flotow for driving in the dark without a headlight in the 2900 block of Gulf Drive.

In addition to the DUI, HBPD cited him with an equipment violation, for which he paid $116, according to court records.

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2 thoughts on “Bradenton man pays for DUI

  1. Natalie Diebold

    I am is publicly announcing somebody’s DUI payback amounts legal and worthy news?

    1. bonnerj

      Along with journalism ethics and moral standards, we are obliged to report the outcome after we report an arrest. We try to follow all “named” arrests reported in The Islander to the conclusion of the case, no matter what the outcome. — Bonner Joy


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