Nesting bird platform installed near Holmes Beach tennis courts

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A new pole and platform for nesting ospreys stands March 30 about 100 feet from the Manatee County-maintained tennis courts in Holmes Beach, 6200 Flotilla Drive. The 30-foot-high pole and platform was installed as an alternative for the birds following complaints from tennis players that ospreys nesting in the lights above were defecating on the courts. Mike Ellswick, Manatee County natural resources division manager said, “I'd be surprised if this new nesting site weren't quickly adopted.” Islander Photo: Courtesy Manatee County

One thought on “Nesting bird platform installed near Holmes Beach tennis courts

  1. Janet Aubry

    The new Osprey nesting platform installed by Manatee County at the tennis courts on Flotilla in Holmes Beach is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. I received a lot of calls and notes in support of my recent letter to the editor supporting our feathered friends and bemoaning the loss of their habitat by human hands. On behalf of the many people who love the Ospreys and the birds themselves who speak to us often, I’d like to say thank you to The Islander and Manatee County for caring enough to bring it to our attention and make things right.


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