Bradenton Beach dock contractor again delays install date — to September

Boaters and businesses that rely on a floating dock to serve the Bradenton Beach pier now have a new goal on the horizon.


After four schedule changes over the course of a year, the floating dock at the Historic Bridge Street Pier, contracted in March 2017 between the Bradenton Beach Community Redevelopment

Agency and Technomarine Construction Inc. of North Palm Beach, now is pushed to September.

John Horne, owner of the Anna Maria Oyster Bar at the pier and CRA member, visited the Technomarine facility in North Palm Beach May 24 to check on the status of the dock and deliver a letter asking for specifics on dock materials and a timeline.

The schedule provided by Technomarine to the city in April provided for completion of the dock June 29.

When the May 11 permitting deadline came and went without notice from the contractor — without explanation for yet another delay — Horne suggested it was time for action.

Horne said May 26 that when he visited Technomarine, he met with Ryan Miller, the new chief operating officer, who started work there two months earlier. Miller said Technomarine had been using a supplier in Canada, but due to problems with that company, they had switched to a manufacturer in Spain. Delays with the Bradenton Beach floating dock arose during the transition.

In a May 25 email to Horne — who has an inside track with Miller being a friend of his nephew — Miller instructed Horne to forward his email to city staff and officials. Miller wrote, “Moving forward, communication will readily flow and you have the assurance of Technomarine that this project is moving forward with the attention and timeliness that it deserves.”

Miller wrote that “complete engineering documentation” for permitting will be submitted by May 31, dock fabrication will begin June 25 and be delivered to the site by Aug. 13, with a Sept. 12 completion date.

“Technomarine USA experienced a series of inexcusable delays in manufacturing which have now finally been resolved,” Miller wrote. “Attached you will find what will be the final, worst case schedule. Our intention is to see this project through to its completion and to deliver a pier and docking system for the use of your residents and tourists by September 12th.”

Horne said based on his meeting with Miller, he feels confident in the new timeline.

“After my visit with Technomarine, I feel pretty confident that they’ve cleared up their issues and will be in communication with us moving forward to meet the new deadline,” Horne said May 26.

An update on the floating dock is planned for the next CRA meeting at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 6, at city hall, 107 Gulf Drive N.

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