Streetlife – 05-02-2018

Anna Maria

April 15, 500 block of Blue Heron, open door. Responding to a burglar alarm, a Manatee County sheriff’s deputy found an open door and determined no break-in occurred. The deputy secured the home.

Anna Maria is policed by MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

April 19, 2400 block of Avenue B, disorderly intoxication. Bradenton Beach police responded to an intoxicated woman trying to gain entry to a residence as the owner, who didn’t know the woman, was restraining her. Asked where she was staying, the woman told an officer: “Right (expletive) here.” She then told the officer she loved him, wanted to sleep with him and had to be restrained from grabbing him. She was arrested and went kicking and screaming to the Manatee County jail.

        April 20, Sports Lounge, 118 Bridge St., trespass. Bradenton Beach police witnessed a bartender warn a 33-year-old Palmetto woman for trespass. The bartender told police she caused problems at the bar.

        Bradenton Beach is policed by BBPD.


April 12, 4328 127th St. W., Cortez Watersports, information. A Manatee County sheriff’s deputy responded to a disturbance. One man complained another man videotaped him on his cellphone. The officer said videotaping was OK because they were in a public place. The other man said the complainant nearly hit him in his vehicle and yelled profanities at him while he was walking his dog. The officer noted inconsistencies in the man’s story.

April 17. 4110 127th St. W., Seafood Shack, domestic disturbance. A couple’s argument about travel plans and their relationship ended with them deciding to separate and leave Florida.

April 17, 3800 block of 116th Street Court West, fraud. A man reported a financing scam he encountered while attempting to buy a limousine. The man sent a $700 check to what he thought was a legitimate company but, when he discovered the fraud, he contacted his bank and he was reimbursed.

Cortez is policed by MCSO.

Holmes Beach

April 19, Anchor Inn, 3015 Gulf Drive, disorderly intoxication. Holmes Beach police were called about a man without an ID refusing to leave the bar. When officers arrived, the bar manager told them the man left on a bicycle with no lights. A man was observed falling off his bike in the roadway and police activated the squad’s emergency lights. The man became enraged, cursed and refused police directions to sit on the ground. He was handcuffed, arrested and transported to the Manatee County jail.

April 19, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, drugs. On patrol, an officer observed a woman driving in the parking lot without a seat belt and an improperly displayed vehicle tag. While checking on her driver’s license, the officer noticed the woman clutched her purse to her chest so police searched it and found heroin, marijuana and syringes. She told police the heroin wasn’t hers and the marijuana belonged to her but she was taking it to someone else. The woman was arrested and transported to the Manatee County jail.

April 20, Paradise Bagels, 3220 E. Bay Drive, Baker Act. A woman began acting delusional and her caretakers became unable to care for her. Police took her into custody and to a medical facility.

April 21, 49th Street and the beach, theft. A family left a camera bag with equipment on a bench while taking photos at sunset near the water. They returned to the bench after about 10 minutes and discovered the camera case missing. It contained a camera, lens, charger and memory sticks valued at $370.

Holmes Beach is policed by HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

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