Streetlife – 08-08-2018

Anna Maria

July 22, Gulf Drive and Magnolia Avenue on the beach, theft. Two iPhones and a wallet were reported missing from a beach towel.

July 22, Magnolia Avenue and South Bay Boulevard on the beach, theft. The family who reported a beach theft at Gulf Drive and Magnolia Avenue advised the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office a second theft occurred when they discovered a phone and portable speaker missing.

July 23, 700 block of North Shore Drive, theft. Eight turtle-friendly light bulbs valued at $96 were reported stolen.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

July 24, 200 Bridge St., anchorage, abandoned boat. Bradenton Beach police found a sailboat in poor condition with rain entering the cabin through an open hatch. People in the area told police the owner hadn’t been seen in several months. The officer reported a 1966 Columbia 28-foot sailboat as abandoned and pre-derelict.

July 24, 200 Bridge St., anchorage, abandoned boat. Police responded to a report of a sunken vessel and found a 22-foot Ranger sailboat submerged except for one corner. An officer attempted to determine the owner, to no avail.

July 26, Bridgeport condominiums, 501 Gulf Drive N., theft. A woman’s white-and-red beach cruiser and a pink child’s bike were reported missing from a carport. The bicycles, valued at $200, were left unlocked.

July 27, 2400 block of Avenue B, burglary. An electric saw, WeedEater and battery charger were stolen. The owner did not report the theft a month earlier because he thought someone might have borrowed the saw. He made the report after the WeedEater went missing.

Bradenton Beach is policed by BBPD.


July 21, 12300 block of 46th Avenue West, suspicious incident. A Manatee County deputy observed a Ford Taurus parked on county right of way. The deputy determined tags on the Taurus didn’t belong to the vehicle and seized them. The deputy attempted to determine the vehicle’s owner, and a homeowner advised it was someone she knew. She placed a note on the vehicle warning it would be towed unless it was removed.

July 24, Tyler’s Ice Cream Shop, 11904 Cortez Road W., trespass. A store clerk reported a man repeatedly entering the store asking customers for money. A deputy responded and the man was trespassed.

July 24, 3800 block of 118th Street, Sunny Shores, suspicious person. A security system alerted a resident of an unauthorized person in his front yard. The owner confronted the man, who said he was looking for something and left in a vehicle.

Cortez is policed by the MCSO.

Holmes Beach

July 25, Island Bazaar, 3304 E. Bay Drive, theft. Store clerks and surveillance video led police to a 52-year-old woman suspected of shoplifting. The woman was accompanied by two younger males and allegedly stole $231.96 of merchandise, including a bathing suit, men’s sandals and shoes. She left the area in a white Hyundai. Police have identified the woman and asked the state attorney to review the evidence for a warrant arrest.

July 25, 2800 block of Gulf Drive South, marijuana. A 38-year-old Sarasota man was pulled over by police for not wearing a seat belt. The officer noticed the odor of burnt marijuana. During a search, the man showed police where there was 0.02 grams of marijuana in a door pocket. The man was cited for violating the marijuana ordinance, a seat belt violation and not having his driver’s license.

July 26, Keyes Marina, 5503 Marina Drive, vessel theft. A 55-year-old Ocala man reported $7,400 in fishing gear stolen from his boat while docked at the marina.

July 26, 100 block of 52nd Street and the beach, alcohol. Police observed two juveniles with a cooler of beer and open cans of beer. The minors acknowledged they had been drinking. They were cited for violating a city ordinance and turned over to their parents.

July 26, 200 block of 72nd Street, noise. Police responded to a complaint of loud noise at 11:25 p.m., and heard a few quick screams after about 15 minutes at the location. While in front of a home, an officer advised a man about the noise complaint. The man laughed and said he was in the middle of a “high stakes” pool game in the garage. The man apologized for the noise and said he’d end the game.

July 27, 2700 block of Avenue C, theft. A woman reported her garden hose and reel stolen from the side of her house two days earlier. A neighbor told her two unknown men were in her yard, but the neighbor did not see them take the garden equipment.

July 27, Kingfish Boat Ramp, 752 Manatee Ave., theft. Fishing rods and reels valued at $720 were stolen from a picnic table while a man was packing paddleboards into his car.

July 29, 4200 block of Gulf Drive, Baker Act. Police dispatched to a disturbance found a 51-year-old woman screaming in her front yard. Earlier in the day, police encountered her yelling near St. Bernard Catholic Church. Police transported her for her safety to a medical facility.

July 29, 4100 block of Fifth Avenue, noise. At about 11 p.m., Holmes Beach police responded to a noise complaint and found a large party, where some people appeared underage. The property manager was called and evicted the renter, who was not 25 years old, as required by the rental agreement. An officer also cited the renter with violating the maximum occupancy requirement. All occupants gathered their belongings and left.

July 30, Anna Cabana Bungalows, 3711 Fourth Ave., noise. Holmes Beach police responded to a complaint of a loud pool party at 11:30 p.m. An officer measured 60 decibels in violation of the ordinance against noise greater than 50 decibels after 10 p.m. An officer cited the renter and told the 10 partygoers to keep the noise down. They said they would.

July 30, 100 block of 72nd Street, noise. At 2:14 a.m., police responded to an anonymous complaint of loud music. An officer measured the noise between 59-63 decibels. He then approached a couple in the backyard and asked them to turn down their music. The officer cited them for violating the ordinance.

July 30, 6000 block of Holmes Boulevard, disturbance. A man on a bicycle argued with a man driving a van about his rights to the road. The man on the bike called to the van driver: “Slow down, there are cyclists on the road.” The man in the van responded, “You ran the stop sign. That sign is there for you, too.” The bicyclist swore and flipped off the man in the van. The van swerved in the cyclist’s direction. A witness said the argument was a verbal dispute.

July 31-Aug. 1, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, vehicle burglary. An unknown person stole $3,360 in iPhones and wallets, as well as debit, credit and identification cards from the center console of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. A couple from Massachusetts told police they locked the vehicle before heading to the beach. A wallet was later found on a beach on Longboat Key and the victim was notified.

Aug. 1, 100 block of 30th Street and the beach, alcohol. A man was sitting on a cooler with a can of Twisted Tea in his hand and four cans of the same alcoholic beverage next to the cooler. Police told the man about the ordinance against alcohol on the beach. The man said he saw no signs. The man was cited for the violation.

Holmes Beach is policed by HBPD.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

One thought on “Streetlife – 08-08-2018

  1. Chris Gremley

    July 30, 6000 block of Holmes Boulevard.
    I am the cyclist and the 911 tape confirms the real story.
    The van driver came up very hard behind me at a high rate of speed on Holmes Ave which is a 25 mph neighborhood road that I cycle about 200 times a year. I rolled through the stop sign so that I could stay out of the van drivers way. I stayed hard right. The van driver (aka The Flying Dutchman) hits the gas very hard and was coming up very fast behind me. I looked forward and saw another cyclist approaching which makes the situation dangerous so I motioned my hand in a downward motion with my palm open indicating to slow down. The Dutchman past me, swerved in front of me and slammed n the brakes to cut me off. He rolls down his window and starts yelling at me about running the stop sign as if this effect him somehow as I was in front of him. I said, “dude, your in a van I am on a bike you are driving aggressively on a small street.” he then swore at me and I swore back and proceeded on the sidewalk. The Dutchman then gunned it and timed it so as I left the sidewalk on the cross road in front of me he cut a sharp right and tried to hit me. I slammed on my brakes and swerved to miss him. I then started yelling at the people around me to call 911. Then I turned around to get away and he slammed the van in reverse back towards Holmes ave. He then gunned it back down Holmes. I snapped a picture of his van and then called 911. On the tape I give them the address and tag number and name on the van. Then I go back and tell the 911 operator the addresses of the witnesses. The 911 operator then told me to get out of the area. So I cycled to the Rod and Reel. I received a call from the Holmes beach police department. I called them back and told them I was at the Rod and Reel. I told them I was very upset and needed a moment to get myself together. They said on a recorded line to “please come the department at your leisure.” When I returned to the police department the officer started to give me a hard time and asked me “why I left the scene,” I asked if he had listen to the 911 tape. He said he did. He then told me that basically without witnesses he could not do anything. Obviously he did not listen to the 911 tape. I named the address of the witnesses and on the tape and the 911 officer told me to get out of there. I insisted to the officer to talked to the witnesses. He talked to one but the other was not home. obviously he did not talk to the other witness because he saw the whole thing and knows the guy. The officer said he talked to the Dutchman but in the report you published they say that they could not find the guy. I followed the guy to his house one block from where this happened and told the 911 operator the address and the van ID. The Holmes Beach Police department does not make me feel safe as a cyclist on the island. They seemed to have an issue with cyclist because the whole time I felt like I was the on in the wrong when I was not the aggressor. I am sorry but a hand gesture with and open plan motioning to slow down is not aggressive. Swerving a 4000 lb van at a cyclist is aggressive. Me and my friends are spreading the word not to use this guys services and it is getting around a lot. Hopefully we can vote him off the island. He does not belong here. My Dutch friend in the Netherlands say he no Dutchman because a Dutchman would respect cyclist. He is a fake and an angry old man.


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