Deposition delays continue in BB Sunshine lawsuit

The back-and-forth continues.

Bradenton Beach Commissioner Randy White was to be deposed Sept. 18 in a lawsuit the city joined with ex-Mayor Jack Clarke against six former board members for allegedly violating Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law.

However, the deposition — rescheduled from Aug. 15 to Sept. 18, owing to a conflict with White’s schedule — was canceled Sept. 17.

While White is not a defendant in the suit, he supported Concerned Neighbors of Bradenton Beach — a defunct grass-roots group that the defendants belonged to when they allegedly violated the Sunshine Law.

Leading up to the deposition, Robert Watrous, attorney for Clarke and the city, requested production of White’s email and text messages and Facebook correspondence with the defendants.

On Sept. 20, following s second cancellation, city attorney Ricinda Perry told commissioners at a city meeting that White’s attorney, Hunter Norton, “had an arbitration and needed to seek a continuance of Mr. White’s deposition.”

She said the city is “seeking a trial date as soon as possible, but with the delay of all of the defendants, it’s been a challenge to get a trial date set.”

White told The Islander Sept. 22 he was concerned that Perry referred to the cancellation as a delay tactic when it was out of his hands.

White said Norton and Watrous communicated on the cancellation, then told White it was canceled.

“The facts are, we produced the requested documents about a week ahead of the meeting and I was ready for the deposition,” White said. “This should not be a reflection on myself and the … defendants. This was between the attorneys.”

Watrous’s office confirmed Sept. 24 the cancellation was cross-noticed and agreed by both parties.

Norton did not answer or respond to a call Sept. 21 from The Islander.

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  1. Michael Doerr

    I realize this controversy has been going on for some time, perhaps i missed the explanation in an earlier report, but I just do not understand what is at stake. What are the plaintiffs seeking? Monetary damages? Fines? Reprimands? What is the purpose of the law suit?

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