5 bids submitted to build new AM city pier

Sometimes, the sequel is better.

The deadline for the second request for proposals for the construction of a new Anna Maria City Pier passed Oct. 5.

According to Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy, five contractors submitted bids for the work.

Along with Largo-based contractor Speeler and Associates and Tampa-based I+Icon, both of which bid in the first, rejected round, Cone and Graham out of Port Saint Lucie, GLF Construction from Miami and Tampa-based contractor American Bridge submitted bids.

Anna Maria received two bids in the first RFP: a $3.72 million bid from Speeler and Associates and a $4.13 million bid from I+Icon.

City engineer Ayres Associates, Murphy and city officials will review the proposals, then make a recommendation to city commissioners.

Murphy said in an interview Oct. 5 he would present his recommendation to the commission within two weeks, at which point the details of the bids, such as price and specs, would become public.

Commissioners will decide on how to proceed, whether the city will pursue negotiations with one of the bidders or reject proposals a second time.

            — Ryan Paice