Charter review is important work

The Holmes Beach Charter Review Commission is an independent city government commission established by the city charter and to be elected once every five years to serve the city.

It is responsible to review the city charter and to propose changes to the citizens of Holmes Beach — not the city commission — so that the citizens can decide by referendum vote what proposals shall be adopted or not.

To adequately prepare for the coming increases in the area’s planned population density (full-time and transient), to address our aging commercial areas and to confront sea-level rise, we need to effectively examine approaches to address the city’s and the island’s infrastructure, operating services and redevelopment needs, approaches and funding over the next 10-20 years.

Our residential population has dropped more than 22 percent in the past 15 years and our voting population is down to 2,883.

Continuing to blindly follow the “we have always done things this way” path will result in ineffective management and oversight of our city.

We must look seriously to make the necessary and needed critical changes to our structure of government to ensure we have the qualified city management and leadership continuity and stability needed in order to continue to progress, adapt and improve the delivery of our city’s administration and operations services and sustain the quality of life we associate with our city.

Our citizens need the opportunity to say in our charter how our form of government must adjust to join the present era and be well prepared to take our city into the future.

The city commission’s efforts to date have been to simply decide that our citizens do not need to make such a decision.

The Nov. 6 election of a charter review commission is the opportunity for the system to work in the way it is designed to work. This charter review commission can provide the means to address our current and future needs in an informed way and put the results in front of the public to consider and decide.

It is the opportunity for our citizens to decide that is the key — not the decision that is made by the commission.

Voting for charter review commission candidates who want to get the issue in front of citizens in an informed way for their consideration and decision is the key Election Day opportunity for the citizens of the city of Homes Beach.

        Holmes Beach Mayor Bob Johnson