Be it resolved

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New year’s resolutions?

Lose weight. exercise more. eat better?

Be kinder. Share more. give to those less fortunate, including homeless, helpless pets and other animals in need of care.

I try to do my part to help young people who are suffering in Haiti. Children there are so vulnerable. Thankfully, they are able to celebrate life without knowing how dim the prospects are for a bright future in their villages. There is little education or family structure and mothers often resort to abandoning their young at a group home, where charities and ministries carry the load.

We could resolve to help lift this country and its people out of the dire poverty that overcomes all efforts for improvement but, sadly, it is an overwhelming task among great government corruption.

And we think we have problems keeping america great.

We all should take better care of ourself, friends and loved ones.

One email in my inbox about resolutions and rein- vention suggests we help our loved ones and friends with gifts of CBD oil in the new year.

That’s a good one. I did that already. I gave a friend with health problems a supply of CBD oil and it sparked improvement within a few days. I tried a small dose — but, I gotta say, “Danger, danger, Will robinson.” The aftertaste was horrible and, it lingered much too long. I resorted to quickly downing some fruit. Yuck.

Still. If you have resolve, and if it helps. Why not?

I have a friend with a child on CBD under a doc- tor’s care — and they have reduced pharmaceutical medications and the child’s seizures with their new protocol.

Maybe we can resolve to be more open-minded.

On anna maria Island, and particularly upcoming in anna maria and Holmes Beach, we have charter review boards looking at changes for the future that will improve governing.

And I say, if for no other reason: anytime the city budgets reach $5 million, $10 million, $15 million, it’s time to find professional management.

Whether we hire one manager to oversee three cities and coordinate spending, or each city hires a manager, the savings will prove greater than the cost.

Taxpayers deserve it. Elected officials should open the door wide to expert advice. Be it resolved…

Happy new year, y’all.

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