Bradenton Beach City Hall floods, reopens

Bradenton Beach is back to its routine at city hall following a water leak that closed the building for four days.

The flooding was discovered by a pedestrian Feb. 10, who observed water seeping under the back door and called 911, which dispatched the Bradenton Beach Police Department.

Water covered about 90 percent of the floor in the building, according to public works manager Tom Woodard.

Mayor John Chappie and Woodard were notified the flooding was due to a broken waterline in the women’s restroom. They agreed to hire Servpro for water damage restoration after shutting off water to the building.

Servpro was called to tackle the job and workers released the water from the backdoor and dried as much as possible, according to Woodard. Next, they treated carpets and flooring for mold and mildew, and set up fans and dehumidifiers to finish drying the building interior.

Woodard said a plastic connector on the waterline to the toilet in the women’s public restroom had ruptured, due to what he believed to be wear and tear.

“We were able to shut it down, and now it’s just a waiting game,” Woodard said in an interview Feb. 12. “We caught it pretty quick, luckily, so we don’t think we’re going to have to replace any carpet or drywall.”

Woodard added that the city might replace some baseboards and wooden desks damaged by the flooding.

The treasurer’s office, western-most offices and the upper dais in the Katie Perola Commission Chamber were not affected, according to Woodard.

City hall was closed to the public until Thursday, Feb. 14, but was open to contractors with appointments with the building department.

Chappie said city staff were sent home early Feb. 11, but some staff members relocated to drier areas Feb. 12 to resume their work.

“It’s working out as best as it can, you know?” Chappie said in an interview Feb. 12.

Woordard said he couldn’t estimate the water damage or the cost of Servpro’s restoration services.

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