Keeping up with pier work

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Work on pier surges past bad weather The barge used by i+iconSOUTHEAST for construction of the new Anna Maria City Pier walkway and T-end is idle Feb. 13 as wind, rain and choppy surf delay progress on the pier pilings. Islander Photo: Ryan Paice

A little bad weather failed to stop progress on the new Anna Maria City Pier.

Since Feb. 1, i+iconSOUTHEAST has been at work six days a week, driving pilings in Tampa Bay. As of Feb. 14, the contractor had driven a fifth of the total pilings planned for the pier. Around 40 pilings had been driven out of 206 piles, according to Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy.

Murphy said, after two weeks of bad weather — inclement wind and rain — workers used Monday-Saturday to drive seven pilings a day. As of Feb. 14, they were back on target to finish pile driving in March.

Icon had nearly finished driving the 14-inch diameter concrete pilings for the T-end Feb. 14, but had seven pilings to install before the barge went to the shipyard in Hillsborough County to load more piles, according to Murphy.

After Icon finishes the T-end pilings, it will drive 12-inch diameter concrete pilings for the pier walkway.

The 50-foot pilings, being driven 30 feet into the sand and clay bottom in Tampa Bay using a combination of jetting and hammer driving, will be topped and evened off before the decking is installed.

The T-end platform will be made of concrete. Ipe wood — also known as Brazilian walnut, which is stronger than most woods and weather resistant — will be added as a top deck. The walkway will comprise wood bents shouldering the load of ipe decking.

The city’s contract with Icon requires the contractor to complete the pier walkway and T-end by Aug. 26, or pay a $975 penalty for every work day after.

The city has yet to prepare a request for proposals for the construction of the restaurant and bait shop at the T-end.

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