Bradenton Beach website still missing, officials ‘mum’

The city of Bradenton Beach has no website and no explanation.

City commissioners approved a license and service agreement for the design and hosting of a new website with CivicPlus — a website service provider in Manhattan, Kansas — in early December 2018.

While no time frame was given for the final website, the contract required CivicPlus to create a temporary site within two weeks of signing the agreement.

The temporary site was to contain contact information, office hours, alerts, news and a meeting calendar. However, as of March 7, access to opens a page with only a message: “Website coming soon!”

Mayor John Chappie declined to comment March 7.

The city’s website was taken offline in October 2018 because it did not comply with the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act, a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. To comply, public web sites must limit visuals to those that do not cause seizures for viewers. Sites also must provide audio assistance for people with visual disabilities.

When the city learned a disclaimer would not insulate a lawsuit, the website was suspended.

The new website is to be ADA complaint and, under the agreement, CivicPlus must train city staff in how to keep update the site for compliance.

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