Streetlife – 03-20-2019

Anna Maria

No reports.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

      March 14, Drift In Lounge & Package Store, 120 Bridge St., battery. A Bradenton man reported a Feb. 18 altercation, when he and a woman argued about the Colin Kaepernick lawsuit and the woman threw a bottle of Bud Light at the man. He told police the incident caused a cut that became infected.

March 14, Circle K, 103 Gulf Drive S., battery. A 39-year-old man listed as homeless was arrested after he tackled, kicked and hit another man in the parking lot. The injured man told police the attack was unprovoked.

March 16, Drift In Lounge & Package Store, 120 Bridge St., drug arrest. A 17-year-old female at the business was jumping on people for piggyback rides when a packet of cocaine was observed falling from the girl’s shirt to the ground. A Bradenton Beach officer arrested the girl and transported her to the Manatee County jail, where jail personnel found another small bag of cocaine.

March 16, Bits and Bubs, 129 Bridge St.; Back Alley Treasures, 108 Bridge St.; Bridge Street Bazaar, 117 Bridge St.; Beach Life AMI, 119 Bridge St.; recovered property. A store manager reported a theft and described the shoplifting suspects to police. Later in the day, a Holmes Beach police officer alerted the BBPD he had encountered a couple that matched the descriptions. Bradenton Beach police officers responded and found merchandise belonging to the retail stores in the couple’s vehicle. Souvenirs and jewelry valued at more than $860 were returned to the stores where they had been stolen.

March 18, Coquina Park, 2650 Gulf Drive S., battery. BBPD was dispatched to a fight in progress on a trolley. A man complained about the trolley leaving him in a dark parking lot and that his wife and children also were uncomfortable. The trolley driver said the man pushed and ordered him to take the man and his family to their hotel. The trolley driver reported he had attempted to explain to the man about the trolley’s limited service and that the Coquina lot was his last stop for the night.

Bradenton Beach is policed by BBPD.


No reports.

      Cortez is policed by the MCSO.

Holmes Beach

      March 14, 600 block of Emerald Lane, burglary. A resident reported $2,500 in items went missing over two years. The items include jewelry, clothes, purses, souvenirs and Christmas dolls.

March 14, Hancock Whitney Bank, 5324 Gulf Drive, and AMI Health & Fitness Center, 5364 Gulf Drive, domestic. A man and a woman argued in the bank parking lot about their child, where the woman threw water on the man. The argument continued into the fitness center parking lot, where the woman threw food on the man and keyed his car. The man declined to press charges.

March 14, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Baker Act. Alerted that a man was threatening to kill himself, a Holmes Beach police officer approached the man and attempted to calm him. The man walked away from the officer despite commands to stop. The man grabbed a backpack, but the officer was able to handcuff the man and call for EMS to transport him to a medical facility.

March 15, 4100 block of Fourth Avenue, disorderly intoxication/eviction. Partygoers were heard yelling and screaming at a house, where police counted 13 people on the balconies. One man, who continued shouting and swearing after police tried to quell the disturbance, was arrested for disorderly intoxication. The man’s vehicle was towed for obstructing the driveway. HBPD called the rental property manager, who evicted the renters.

March 15, Publix Super Market, 3900 E. Bay Drive, theft. A 50-year-old man was arrested for stealing cough drops, ointment, razors, juice, mouthwash, mineral oil, cranberries, plums and an avocado. The manager reported the $43.01 theft and the man’s description to Holmes Beach police, who stopped the man with the items as he walked away from the store.

March 15, Dollar Tree, 3260 E. Bay Drive, Marchman Act. Holmes Beach police were called to assist a 57-year-old man passed out on the sidewalk in front of the store. An officer determined the man needed substance abuse assistance. EMS transported him to a medical facility.

March 16, Solo’s Pizza, 3244 E. Bay Drive, theft. Two women ate at the restaurant and left without paying their $26.52 bill.

March 17, 6400 block of Flotilla Drive, battery. A fight broke out among an intoxicated couple and their friend after a wife refused the advances of her husband and the friend intervened. The husband shoved the friend into the wife and onto the floor. The friend signed a waiver of prosecution.

March 18, 6200 block of Flotilla Drive, criminal mischief. A man who thought he was home attempted to enter another person’s residence by ripping a screen from its frame. The man told police he was trying to get into his apartment in the 6400 block, where the screened porch already was ripped. The man apologized.

March 19, 700 Manatee Ave., marijuana ordinance. Police said they noticed the odor of marijuana after a 20-year-old driver was stopped for running the flashing red stop light at Gulf Drive and Manatee Avenue. She was ticketed for disregarding the red light and cited for possessing 7 grams of marijuana.

            Street life is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

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