DOT reviewing Holmes Beach roundabout plans

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Vehicles move April 10 through the Manatee Avenue intersection with Gulf Drive in Holmes Beach. The Florida Department of Transportation is considering a roundabout at the intersection at the entrance to the Manatee Public Beach. Islander Photos
Albert Rosenstein, an operations engineer with the Florida Department of Transportation, discusses roundabouts proposed in Holmes Beach during a meeting April 9 of the Coalition of Barrier Island Elected Officials at Bradenton Beach City Hall.

The Florida Department of Transportation is driving plans to install two roundabouts to uncork bottlenecks in Holmes Beach.

Island and state officials, along with transportation planners, have discussed at least eight possible roundabouts on Anna Maria Island during the past two years, including some proposed in the Barrier Islands Transportation Study expected to conclude next season.

DOT operations engineer Albert Rosenstein provided details of two roundabouts intended to ease congestion on Manatee Avenue-State Road 64 between the Anna Maria Island Bridge and the Manatee Public Beach during a meeting April 9 of the Coalition of Barrier Island Elected Officials.

The CBIEO consists of elected officeholders in Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Longboat Key.

One roundabout would be at Gulf Drive-State Road 789 and Manatee Avenue at the entrance to the public beach.

Rosenstein described the DOT’s three-step process for evaluating whether a roundabout is the best alternative at an intersection.

Review of a proposed Gulf Drive-Manatee Avenue roundabout is at step two, with DOT officials conducting a cost-benefit evaluation of intersection improvements. The first step involved a screening of the intersection.

“Then it goes to Tallahassee for conceptual approval,” Rosenstein said.

Installation of the roundabout would require a right-of-way purchase, probably from the beach parking lot, he added. And some money for the acquisition project is budgeted for fiscal year 2019.

A second roundabout would be at the East Bay Drive and Manatee Avenue intersection, west of the Kingfish Boat Ramp.

The DOT is at the third step in this review, with the concept under consideration in Tallahassee.

Rosenstein said the DOT would not need to acquire right of way for the East Bay-Manatee Avenue project. He also said construction has not been budgeted.

“Do you know what year for the roundabouts?” Holmes Beach Mayor Judy Titsworth asked Rosenstein.

“No, I do not,” replied Rosenstein.

The roundabouts, he said, would be built at the same time and installation would not be tied to construction of a proposed high bridge on Manatee Avenue connecting Anna Maria and Perico islands.

One thought on “DOT reviewing Holmes Beach roundabout plans

  1. Janet Aubry

    Those guys at DOT just love to spend money and tie up traffic. I’m sure they have lots of statistics to back up why they should do it again in Holmes Beach with a heaven forbid traffic circle. Probably they will want to do the installation at the peak of season traffic too. It will be interesting to see who falls for it this time. When will we stop playing the Emporer’s New Clothes with these government bozos and figure out the traffic comes from too many cars coming at once and nowhere for them to go?? Send them in circles, park them in paid parking, tell them to park with their wheels off the pavement, let them park on streets blocking emergency vehicles, make them ride around in lanes with bikes, pedestrians, golf carts, strollers, kiddie cars and go karts. Place lots of crosswalks for them to stop and make them run behind the trolley’s. Build them a ugly high rise parking garage? Give them tickets , don’t give them tickets. Stop the lunacy. At the end of the day the net effect is always the same. Figure it out people.


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