Parking limited at Coquina Beach, south parking lot closes for resurfacing

Bradenton Beach temporarily has lost a chunk of parking spaces.

Parking at the south end of Coquina Beach was closed April 1 for several months to allow Bradenton-based contractor Woodruff and Sons to work on the first of two phases of stormwater improvement projects.

The parking at Coquina, which is within Bradenton Beach city limits but managed and maintained by the county, has a history of flooding and standing water after it rains.

The first phase involves installing an underground pipeline and drainage system near Longboat Pass. Pervious concrete will be laid for the beach access road and parking area. Impervious concrete will be used for vehicle access points at Gulf Drive.

To complete the first phase, Woodruff and Sons will stripe 188 parking spaces on the pervious concrete. The southern parking area currently consists of ground shell without markings to delineate parking spaces, leaving the amount of parking unspecified.

The first phase is scheduled for completion by spring 2020.

Meanwhile, Bradenton Beach isn’t too concerned with the loss of parking.

“It shouldn’t be too bad,” Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale said in an interview March 29. “Those parking spaces on the south end are pretty much dedicated for RV parking and people wanting to use (Longboat Pass).

“We’re also getting close to the end of season in the next couple of weeks, so we shouldn’t be too negatively impacted by it,” he continued.

The second phase of construction will begin shortly after, at the northern Coquina parking lot, and involves the same work as the first phase.

Woodruff and Sons submitted the lowest of four bids for the project at $2,426,774.90.

Funding for the project includes:

  • $800,000 in reserves from the tourist development tax fund;
  • $489,749 from the highway capital projects fund;
  • $1,137,025.90 from the county’s budgeted stormwater expenses for the year.

From the start of construction, the contractor will have 270 days to reach substantial completion. If the work is deemed unsubstantial by the end of the 270 days, Woodruff and Sons will pay $1,665 per day in damages to the county until the requirement is met.

During construction, Manatee County will make payments to the contractor based on progress.

— Ryan Paice

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