Pile-driving nears completion for AMCP, decking ‘on deck’

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The barge works April 15 near the beach at the Anna Maria City Pier. Islander Photo: Courtesy Wendy Blumenthal
One of a few wood pilings from the old Anna Maria City Pier — crafted of a palm tree with a sharpened end — floated to the surface and was brought to shore during i+iconSOUTHEAST’s pile-driving for the new pier. Islander Photo: Ryan Paice

The foundation for the new Anna Maria City Pier is almost set.

Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy said at a meeting April 11 that i+iconSOUTHEAST had 20 remaining walkway piles to install — less than a 10th of the 201 total pilings planned for the 776-foot-long pier.

He also said the pavilion area would be closed April 15 for a week to 10 days while pile-driving takes place near the shore.

The piling work should wrap up by April 19, according to Murphy.

After pile-driving is finished, on deck for Icon is leveling the piles, installing wood bents on the walkway and placing the concrete platform at the T-end.

The wood bents will support ipe decking for the walkway, while the T-end’s concrete platform will be topped with ipe decking and support the planned restaurant and bait shop.

Murphy also noted that during Icon’s pile-driving process, two-three wood pilings from the old city pier came loose and floated to the surface at the work site.

The broken pilings, which Murphy said could be 100 years old, were crafted from palm trees sharpened at the driving end with an axe. The piles showed evidence of worm damage, aging and rot and were brought to shore.

Commission Chair Brian Seymour said he is concerned Icon sometimes works past 6 p.m., which is when city code requires construction to cease for the night. He said some people criticized Icon’s hours on social media.

Murphy said the city received no complaints regarding Icon working past the cutoff, but he would remind the contractor of the city code.

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