Coquina Beach tree removal on temporary hold, outcry rises

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Manatee County’s landscape plan for the replacement of 103 Australian pine trees at Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach shows locations for replacement trees as dotted circles. The county plans to replace Australian pine trees with 83 green buttonwood trees, 10 gumbo limbo trees and 10 shady lady black olive trees in the grassy area near the playground. Islander Photo: Courtesy Bradenton Beach/Steve Gilbert

Time is running out to save 97 Australian pine trees marked for removal at Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach.

Manatee County commissioners voted 4-2 June 19 to remove and replace the trees at Coquina, a public beach the county manages and maintains, to make way for the first phase of a parking lot improvement project at the south end and on an access road.

With six trees chopped down already, the county is set to remove 103 Australian pine trees in total — more than 10% of the 991 Australian pines at Coquina — for phase one. Another 129 trees are planned for removal in phase two.

For now, the 97 marked trees remain standing while the county works to provide the city of Bradenton Beach with its finalized landscape plans for replacement trees.

City commissioners had directed building official Steve Gilbert to request a tree replacement plan from the county and issue a stop-work order on the project if the county failed to comply. City commissioners also ordered Gilbert to investigate whether the city could revise or revoke the construction permit for the project.

Gilbert wrote in a July 3 email to The Islander that the county provided the city with a draft landscape plan June 28 showing the replacement of 103 Australian pines with 83 green buttonwood trees, 10 gumbo limbo trees and 10 shady lady black olive trees. The county plans to plant the trees in the grassy area near the playground and between the access road and parking.

Bradenton Beach’s land development code requires the replacement trees, which can be any species but palms, have a minimum diameter of one-and-a-half-inch caliper and a 10-foot height when planted.

Gilbert said the removal of the Australian pine trees remains on hold until the county provides final plans for replacement, as of July 3.

However, he also said the city cannot revoke the construction permit for the project if the county adheres to the city’s LDC.

“If any applicant is working on an approved permit, where they are in compliance with the land development code, the city has no right to revoke the permit,” Gilbert wrote in an email to The Islander.

Public response to removals

Public opposition to the project has rung loud since the county’s plan surfaced in May, culminating in a petition with 1,010 signatures opposing the project. Bradenton Beach Mayor John Chappie delivered the petition to county commissioners before the vote in June.

People also shared their frustrations on social media.

Of the 277 comments on Facebook July 3 regarding The Islander’s story about the Coquina plan, only four comments supported taking out Australian pine trees.

Many people commented “Save the trees!” while others referenced Joni Mitchell’s hit song “Big Yellow Taxi,” which begins with the lyrics, “They paved paradise/And put up a parking lot.”

More people aired their opinions on The Islander’s June 26 Facebook post about the tree removals.

“Desecrating one of the most beautiful, natural beaches in Florida is a tragedy. For decades people have been quite content to park and use this natural wonder. Such a shame!” Linda MacKay wrote June 25 on The Islander’s Facebook page.

“Manatee County is ruining Manatee County!” Lori Giudice Farnsworth, of Bradenton, wrote.

“The county’s few voted for this! Not the voice of the residents!” Cynthia Raines Langston, of Holmes Beach, posted on Facebook.

10 thoughts on “Coquina Beach tree removal on temporary hold, outcry rises

  1. greta kaufmann

    Coquina Beach is my favorite beach. It is as close to a tropical beach paradise that everyone can enjoy and whoever these people are who insist on making it just another Florida beach should be removed from making any sensible decisions on anything!

  2. Lee

    I dont like them cant walk without my feet hurting from all the crap falling from them.. Put some Palm tress there instead.. Still great shade and looks better

  3. Denny Beck

    I am a passionate, sometimes award-winning photographer. Coquina Beach is a favorite destination because it never disappoints. I understand the need for some amenities for visitors, but please handle Coqina Beach’s natural aura with the utmost care.

  4. Robert Adams

    We go to Coquina beach often because it has the beautiful trees. It’s our favorite beach. We love going to the beach but don’t want to sit in the sun. Please don’t take the trees down and ruin the beach.

  5. Mark OMalley

    Coquina Beach is one of the nicest beaches on the West Central Florida coast – because of the trees, the shade, and the extensive picnic area with natural pine floor. It’s a beautiful area for families to play, rest and relax while providing shelter from the wind and sea. Build a parking structure on the bay side if you must, but leave the trees alone.

  6. Brett Edgar

    Pines are clean. Clean the air by removing much more carbon than deciduous trees. Leaf litter and acrid runoff as well as storm barrier and the ability to survive a hurricane should be considered. Pavement excretes petroleum products and leaves a track of rainbow hue of oil on water and adds to surface heat. Unsafe for children, crossing turtles and just plain unattractive. Shell, pine bark and natural colored stone for lot. Plant the roadside with button wood, oak and such, you already have a natural barrier.

    It is not about who is right, it is about a resource that is already in place. Australian pines are a non native tree, but so are so many palms that you see in FL. I would never remove all of anything naturally founded.

    Plant a few trees and transition to a more desirable setting, kind of like Bruce Jenner did. Thank you for allowing my input. Brett Edgar

  7. Sue Longacre

    Why can’t the county officials LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE? We do NOT want the Australian pines taken down at Coquina Beach. They provide shade, erosion control and are beautiful to look at. Leave them alone!!

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