Pretrial agreement inked in Anna Maria coin theft

An Anna Maria woman is due $5,971 from a former tenant who allegedly stole and pawned gold coins from the victim’s home.

Amanda Miller entered a pretrial agreement Sept. 26 with the 12th Circuit State Attorney that requires 18 months of good behavior and the $5,971 payment to her onetime Anna Maria landlord, Laurie Higgins, within 30 days.

Higgins told The Islander the court received Miller’s payment and she expected it soon.

“It was better than nothing,” Higgins said Oct. 22, even though it was “only a small portion of what she took.”

Miller was arrested in July on warrants for two counts of dealing in stolen property after she pawned five American Gold Eagle coins — one for $1,096 and four for $4,875 — in December.

Higgins was a coin collector and former coin dealer who rented Miller an apartment in her home in the 300 block of Magnolia Avenue in Anna Maria.

If Miller successfully completes the pretrial diversion agreement — including $330 in court costs, monthly reports to a probation officer and no contact with Higgins or her family — the state will dismiss the charges.

Higgins said Miller now lives in Texas, and “hopes she stays there.”

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