Businesses thankful for November tax collections

Giving thanks is a November theme that extended to those who benefit from the tourist tax coffers in Manatee County.

Bed tax collections continue upward climb
• November 2014, $534,624.23.
• November 2015, $594,078.77.
• November 2016, $660,565,44.
• November 2017, $698,988.44.
• November 2018, $761,498.76.
• November 2019, $831,688.02.
Source: Manatee County Tax Collector’s Office

The November collections increased more than $70,000 over those for the same month in 2018.

The Manatee County Tax Collector’s Office reported $831,688.02 in tourism development taxes were collected in November 2019, up from $761,498.76 in 2018, after the 3% tax office collection fee is deducted.

The tax rate is 5% and the tax, also known as the bed tax or resort tax, is collected on overnight rentals of six months or less.

The rise follows a November trend in increases over the past six years.

On Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach led the pack with collections of $183,437.50 or 22.06% of the total tourist tax collected.

Anna Maria followed with $99,528.50, with 11.97% of the county total.

Bradenton Beach rang in at $50,057.30, or 6.02% of tourist taxes for the month.

Overall, unincorporated Manatee County led the way with 39.65% collected and a $329,767.01 total.

Bradenton’s collections totaled $77,400.32 — 9.31% — and Palmetto rounded out the list with $1,755.43 or .21% of the county’s total tourist tax.

Fiscal year-to-date totals increased by $179,393.96, from $1,435,429.58 to $1,614,823.54.

Tourist tax money is collected by the state and then funded back to the county.

State law requires using resort tax funds for tourism-related projects only.

Expenditures of the tourist tax dollars are set by the Manatee County Board of Commissioners as recommended by the tourist development council, a group of nine individuals, including business people and local officials, appointed to four-year terms.

Tourist tax collections are reported in arrears and November numbers were released Jan. 3.

The fiscal year runs Oct. 1-Sept. 30.