Streetlife – 02-26-2020

Anna Maria

No reports.

      Anna Maria is policed by MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

Feb. 13, 400 block of Church Avenue, Baker Act. Two officers were dispatched to a residence where a woman, who allegedly smoked meth, was screaming for her daughter. The woman apparently believed the daughter was drowning under her boat but, in fact, she lives in Alabama. The woman was transported to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton.

Feb. 15, Tommy Knockers, 111 Seventh St. N., intimidation and obstruction without violence. An officer responded to a fight in progress at the bar. The bartender said two people who smoked a substance from a stem pipe outside engaged in a fight, before one came inside, threatening to shoot everyone. A suspect found walking from the scene had a case of beer and several backpacks. According to the report, she did not provide identification and turned toward the officer, “as if preparing to strike.” She was pepper-sprayed and taken into custody. She was “moderately” searched because a female officer was not available and, while in a holding cell at BBPD, she was found with handcuff keys, trying to unlock her restraints. She was transported to the Manatee County jail, where officers reported they recovered another pair of handcuff keys on a ring.

Feb. 17, 2400 block of Avenue A, burglary of an unoccupied vacation rental. Two officers responded to a call from a vacation rental home. The occupants had left the residence for about five hours. Stolen items were $90, three Amazon Kindles, a MacBook Air, a 13-inch iPad and an iPod. The house was found to be secure, other than a loose patio door.

      BBPD polices Bradenton Beach.


Feb. 19, 12000 block of Cortez Road West, trespass warning. An officer responded to a call from the Cortez Village Marina about a man who used the showers at the business without permission and left the area. The suspect was found walking nearby and was given a one-year trespass warning.

      MCSO polices Cortez.

Holmes Beach

Feb. 12, 3900 block of East Bay Drive, traffic stop. A Holmes Beach Police patrol officer received a license plate alert. Upon stopping the motorist, the officer determined the man driving had a suspended license, did not have proof of insurance and had a seize tag order. The vehicle was removed and the man was released.

Feb. 12, 5300 block of Marina Drive, traffic stop. The license plate reader system alerted the officer on patrol. The motorist was placed under arrest for driving on a suspended license. He was processed and released.

Feb. 13, 4500 block of Gulf Drive, traffic stop. An officer received a license plate reader alert. Upon stopping the male driver, the officer determined the driver had a suspended license. He was cited and released.

Feb. 14, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, traffic stop. The officer on patrol checked a license plate on a car in the public beach parking lot. The driver had no license. He was given a notice to appear in court and released.

Feb. 15, 5000 block of Fifth Avenue, dog bite. People reported their dog was attacked by a neighbor’s dog and one person was bitten when trying to separate the animals. The bite victim was cleared after an on-scene medical inspection, and Manatee County Animal Services was notified.

Feb. 17, 500 block of Manatee Avenue, traffic. The city’s license plate reader system alerted the officer on patrol to a vehicle associated with a suspended license. The female driver was cited and released.

Feb. 17, 100 block of 52nd Street, information. Police responded to the 52nd Street beach access on a report of a fight between a male and female that occurred when the female walked through a sand sculpture the male had created. Both parties were separated when officers arrived and neither pressed charges.

Feb. 17, 300 block of 58th Street, vandalism. An officer was dispatched on a complaint from a man that the President Donald Trump campaign flag on his golf cart had been ripped in half. He requested a police report.

HBPD polices Holmes Beach.

      Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.


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