Streetlife – 04-08-2020

Anna Maria

March 22, 600 block of South Bay Boulevard, possible burglary. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about a potential break-in. A door was found ajar and an alarm sounding. The deputy determined the alarm was on a swimming pool and wind probably opened the back door.

March 29, 400 block of Magnolia Avenue, suspicious vehicle. The MCSO responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle at about 6:05 p.m. near the Center of Anna Maria Island. No further information was available.

March 31, 200 block of South Bay Boulevard, suspicious vehicle. Deputies were dispatched in response to a complaint about a suspicious vehicle. No further information was available.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

March 27, Coquina Beach, 2650 Gulf Drive S., resisting arrest without violence. While patrolling, an officer found a man sleeping in the sand surrounded by clothing, food and alcoholic beverages. The officer woke the man and asked for identification, but the man refused to comply and tried to leave. The officer issued the man a notice to appear for obstruction without violence of a police officer.

March 28, public beach near 2500 Gulf Drive North, misdemeanor battery. An officer who responded to reports of a battery on the beach found the victim and witnesses, but no suspect. The victim said she was at the beach when the suspect, a young woman, physically assaulted her. A man separated the two and the suspect left the beach. The victim knew the suspect as her son’s roommate. The suspect was contacted at her address. She said she never hit the victim. A capias request was filed and forwarded to the state attorney’s office.

      BBPD polices Bradenton Beach.

Holmes Beach

March 26, Walgreens, 3200 E. Bay Drive, trespass. A Holmes Beach police officer was called to the store regarding a theft in progress. A man who stole a bottle of vodka from the store was apprehended at a trolley stop. He returned the bottle and was issued a trespass warning for the store.

March 26, 3700 block of Gulf Drive, trespass. An officer responded to a call that two men were sleeping on a private patio. They were issued trespass warnings and released.

March 26, 5300 block of Gulf Drive, camping. A patrol officer observed a man sleeping on a trolley bench. He failed to wake when the officer turned on his patrol car siren. The officer issued him a violation, which the man refused to sign.

March 27, 4100 block of Gulf Drive, traffic. An officer on patrol was alerted by the license plate reader system. The officer stopped a motorist and determined the male driver had a suspended license. The plate was seized, the vehicle was towed and the driver was issued a citation.

March 28, 400 block of Manatee Avenue, alcohol. A patrol officer observed a male on the street drinking from a box of wine. He was issued a notice to appear and released.

March 30, 500 block of Key Royale Drive, domestic battery, suspicious circumstances. A woman reported her boyfriend punched and tried to choke her. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office attempted to locate the male suspect. The HBPD officer took a statement and photos of the woman, who also reported a gun missing. The HBPD reported the firearm as lost to Florida and national crime information centers.

March 31, 700 block of Key Royale Drive, information. A man contacted the HBPD and stated that an identity theft monitoring service alerted him to someone who attempted to open a credit card in his name. A report was filed.

March 31, Walgreens, 3200 E. Bay Drive, trespass. The store manager called the HBPD regarding a theft. The manager said a man stole two bottles of wine. An officer located the man at a nearby trolley stop. He returned the bottles and was issued a trespass warning.

March 31, Vinnie’s Italian Kitchen, 5337 Gulf Drive, information. A man reported the bumper of his car was hit in the parking lot at the business. The officer determined the incident was a hit-and-run and the investigation was closed.

HBPD polices Holmes Beach.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

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