Streetlife – 11-04-2020

Anna Maria

Oct. 24, 300 block of Magnolia Avenue, disturbance. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint of a disturbance: “A huge group of people yelling at each other.” The group was breaking up as authorities arrived.

Oct. 25, 100 block of Oak Avenue, disturbance. The MCSO responded to a verbal disturbance in which one person complained another hit his vehicle. No other information was available.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office polices Anna Maria.

Bradenton Beach

Oct. 16, Circle K, 103 Gulf Drive S., trespass. An employee called the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office to report a man sleeping behind the building. An MCSO deputy responded and trespassed the man.

Oct. 18, Oma’s Pizza Restaurant, 201 Gulf Drive N., overdose. A person called the MCSO to report an unconscious woman lying on the floor. Emergency medical services transported the woman to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton.

Oct. 23, Queen’s Gate Resort, 1101 Gulf Drive N., domestic disturbance. A Bradenton Beach police officer was dispatched to the scene of a 911 hang-up call and found a woman who reported getting in a verbal altercation with her husband. The officer assisted the woman in booking another hotel room so the pair could separate.

Oct. 24, Via Roma Beach Resort, 2408 Gulf Drive N., property damage. A BBPD officer responded to reports of damage to a vehicle. No one saw how the damage happened. The officer issued the vehicle owner a case card.

Oct. 25, 1300 block of Gulf Drive N., burglary. A BBPD officer responded to reports of a burglary and found a man who said his laptop and phone were stolen from his vehicle. The officer asked a nearby business for potential security camera footage and issued the man a victim’s rights packet.

BBPD polices Bradenton Beach.


No new reports.

MCSO polices Cortez.

Holmes Beach

Oct. 19, 3700 block of Gulf Drive, theft. A person reported a bike stolen from a carport.

Oct. 20, 3300 block of Gulf Drive, drug paraphernalia. A Holmes Beach police officer observed a motorist run a flashing red light. Upon stopping the driver, the officer smelled marijuana. The motorist said he had recently smoked a joint but did not have any more marijuana. The officer searched the vehicle and found paraphernalia, a gun the driver said belonged to a friend, ammunition and several bags with residue that tested positive for cocaine. Two juveniles with the driver were released to their parents. The motorist was arrested and taken to the Manatee County jail.

Oct. 22, 300 block of 57th Street, noise. An officer was dispatched to a rental for a noise complaint. The officer took a decibel reading from the complainant’s property line, which registered excessive noise. The tenant at the house where the noise originated was cited.

Oct. 23, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, trespass warning. While on patrol, two officers observed a person sleeping on the beach. The officers trespassed the person from the beach for camping.

Oct. 23, 200 block of Peacock Lane, noise. An officer was called to a noise complaint. Upon arrival, the officer heard loud music in the pool area, which a decibel meter registered as excessive. The renter was cited.

Oct. 24, Bali Hai Beach Resort, 6900 Gulf Drive, noise. Officers were called to a noise complaint of amplified music from a DJ and live band. Officers measured excessive sound and asked that the band lower the volume. The sound was compliant for about an hour, then again increased. The event permit signer was cited.

Oct. 25, 5000 block of Second Avenue, Marchman Act. An officer on patrol observed an apparently intoxicated person riding a bike on the sidewalk. When the officer tried to drive the person back to his rental, the individual could not tell the officer where it was and became confused and confrontational. The person was transported to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton.

Oct. 25, 5300 block of Marina Drive, marijuana. An officer stopped a motorist because the front seat passenger was not wearing a seat belt. The officer determined the driver had a medical marijuana card and asked if there was marijuana in the vehicle. The driver had 2.8 grams of marijuana in a plastic bag, not in the original container as purchased. The driver was cited for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and the passenger was cited for no seat belt.

Oct. 25, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, resistance with violence, alcohol. Three people were cited for drinking alcohol on the beach. One person violently resisted arrest. Five HBPD officers restrained the individual and contacted Manatee County Emergency Management Services for evaluation. EMS determined the person appeared to be on a controlled substance and the individual was transported to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton.

Oct. 26, Grassy Point Preserve, 3000 block of Avenue C, vandalism. Public works discovered four broken fences and two damaged bollards at the park.

Oct. 27, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, trespass. Officers on patrol spotted a person sleeping in the outside dining area of the beach cafe. The individual previously was trespassed from the area. The officers arrested the person and transported him to the Manatee County jail.

HBPD polices Holmes Beach.

      Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.


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