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Date of Issue: March 19, 2008

Grant committee reviews options on trolley shelters

Members of the Anna Maria Transportation Enhancement Grant Committee voiced preliminary consensus at their March 12 meeting to a trolley shelter design submitted by contractor John King.

However, the committee also is considering a tiki hut-style shelter for the city pier submitted by committee member Rick DeFrank.

The committee meets monthly to discuss priority projects for an upcoming $358,000 federal transportation enhancement grant the city will receive from the Florida Department of Transportation's 2010-11 budget.

City Commissioner Jo Ann Mattick, who wrote the grant application prior to being elected, said the committee looked at a number of options for shelters, but settled on the King design.

Yet committee members agreed that the "tiki hut" at the pier because it seemed compatible with the ambiance of the pier, Mattock said.

The committee will meet again in April to discuss cost estimates for shelters.

 Committee members have agreed that trolley shelters will head up the their priority list for the grant money, with street enhancement projects for Pine Avenue and Gulf Drive second on their list.

The DOT is providing design and engineering services at no cost to the city for the various projects that the grant money will fund.