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Date of Issue: March 05, 2008

Holmes Beach man arrested

Tyler C. Scheerer

The Holmes Beach Police Department arrested a local man in connection with a burglary and grand theft in mid-January.

Police arrested Tyler C. Scheerer of the 5600 block of Guava, Holmes Beach, on Feb. 29 in connection with an incident reported last month.

According to a police news release, HBPD received from Scheerer’s father a report that his son’s vehicle had been burglarized between the night of Jan. 13 and the morning of Jan. 14.

The report alleged that a car stereo, an iPod and an iPod charger were taken from the vehicle driven by the 18-year-old Scheerer.

The vehicle had been washed the night before according to Scheerer, but Holmes Beach police reported recovering fingerprints from the rear hatch and driver’s door, leading to Scheerer’s arrest. contributed to this report.