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Date of Issue: April 13, 2006

Signs come down, into compliance in Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach officials have been making a sweep of the city to collect illegal signs since a new law went into effect April 1, and to date 44 illegal signs have been confiscated.

"We did the right of way along Gulf Drive, Avenues B and C, and the southern streets," said Code Enforcement Officer Gail Garneau, "but we still have the mobile home parks and other streets to go. I’d say we’re about 90 percent done."

The sign ordinance requires that all signs be registered with the city and placed certain distances from the street, among other requirements.

Confiscated signs may be retrieved - or bailed out - at a cost of $35. Garneau said 11 confiscated signs have been retrieved to date. If the signs are not collected within 30 days, the city may dispose of them.

"Everyone has been very polite," Garneau said of the new law and subsequent enforcement actions.