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Date of Issue: April 16, 2008

Visitor's invasion claim unsubstantiated

Holmes Beach police have investigated an incident April 1 involving a woman visiting from Michigan who said in a letter to Mayor Rich Bohnenberger that a female resident of the city “unlawfully” entered the apartment she was renting.

Kathy Slabaugh claimed she was in fear of her life when, according to Slabaugh, a woman allegedly “broke” into the apartment where Slabaugh was staying and asked for “help,” claiming black men were chasing her for money and threatening her.

Police arrived shortly after a call from the Slabaugh to intervene, but were unable to verify the presence of anyone who may have threatened the other woman.

Lt. Dale Stevenson of the HBPD said officers investigated the incident immediately upon arrival at the apartment and combed the area looking for the alleged suspects, but were unable to locate any such people in the vicinity. The woman who had sought help when she went to Slabaugh’s rental apartment was taken into the care of her family, who live nearby.