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Date of Issue: April 23, 2008

Anna Maria issues CO to Olesens - finally

It may have taken a bit more than two years, but the Olesen family has finally obtained a certificate of occupancy from Anna Maria for their home in the 500 block of South Bay Boulevard.

The two-year stalemate between the city and the Olesens ended last week when city attorney Jim Dye said that, following a judicial review of two building issues, the city is “free to issue a CO” if the building official is satisfied that all other codes have been met.

Building official Bob Welch was satisfied and the Olesens received their CO.

While that may be the end of the issue for the Olesens, the city still faces legal action from Laura Gee, the Olesen’s neighbor.

Gee has filed a legal action against the city requesting a judicial review of the city’s decision last year to grant the Olesens multiple variances to complete their remodeling project. The variances were part of a mediated settlement agreement reached between the Olesens and the city after the Olsens filed a suit against the city for halting their reconstruction project.

The city building official issued a building permit to the Olesens in early 2006, but pulled it because of a disputed easement that the city claimed had never been vacated to the Olesens.

Dye told Mayor Fran Barford that while issuing the CO should “complete the litigation brought by the Olesens,” the “challenge” brought by Gee against the city for the multiple variances is “still pending.”

Gee has contended in her suit that no “competent substantial evidence” was given to substantiate the city issuing the variances.