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Date of Issue: April 29, 2009

PAR withdraws guesthouse proposal

Mike Coleman of Pine Avenue Restoration LLC said he is giving up on the idea of developing a multi-unit tourist accommodation in Anna Maria at the northwest corner of Pine Avenue and Bay Boulevard.

The guesthouse idea drew criticism from a number of city residents, as did Coleman’s idea that the city might want to create a special tourist district for accommodations.

“The guest house issue is dead,” said Coleman.

“We are not going to propose it. We were asked to talk about it several months ago, but without support it doesn’t make sense. We are not going to go to war with our neighbors,” he said.

But Coleman was concerned that some of the comments about the guesthouse proposal and the commission’s decision to seek a definition of a motel from the planning and zoning board have strayed from the subject.

“Some people can’t write three paragraphs without getting into the integrity and character of the people involved. I would like to set the record straight,” he said.

Coleman said he never considered a guesthouse for the property until City Commissioner Dale Woodland suggested last year that the six lots might make a good location for an accommodation project.

Woodland, however, said at a recent city commission meeting that after testing public opinion and hearing from a number of residents he no longer believes a multi-unit project is the best use of the property.