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Date of Issue: April 30, 2008

Youth, sister arrested for assault on officer

A scuffle with a Bradenton Beach police officer started when a 14-year-old boy blew him a kiss and called the officer “the N-word.”

According to police reports, Officer Tim Matthews was driving through Coquina Beach April 20 at about 2 p.m. and saw a juvenile blow him a kiss.

The officer asked what his problem was, and the 14-year-old youth said, "I don't have a problem, (N-word)." Matthews then asked why he would blow him a kiss, and the boy allegedly cursed at the officer.

When Matthews attempted to arrest the youth, his sister, Veronica Lewis, 18, of Tampa, stepped between them. The officer told her to move, and she pushed Matthews, saying she didn't want her brother arrested.

The officer then pushed her out of his way and attempted to grab the young man, who pushed the officer away, the report said.

A scuffle ensured, according to the report. Meanwhile, Lewis was grabbing the officer, trying to pull him off her brother, so Matthews called for assistance. She was also arrested.

Both were charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.