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Date of Issue: May 11, 2006

Marina road traffic draws Bradenton Beach official's ire

Bradenton Beach Marina owner Allan Bazzy has received a scolding by city officials after a boating debacle April 24.

Building Official Ed Mc Adam wrote in a letter to Bazzy that incidents involving boats being transported on trailers to the marina "is cause for alarm." Apparently, the trailered vessels traversing Second Street North and Church Avenue were so large that encroachment onto private property occurred, Mc Adam wrote, and a water meter was broken.

The "scolding" came in the midst of a request by Bazzy to create a "boatel" on part of the marina, located just south of the Cortez Bridge on Anna Maria Sound.

"Unfortunately and coincidental with Bradenton Beach Marina seeking to expand the business operations by the construction of a 'boatel,' the above cited incidents reflect poor supervision ... and hopefully not a pattern of misuse of public roads and neighboring property," Mc Adam wrote.

He said ingress and egress should be accomplished without the need to back trailered boats or other vehicles on city roads.

Mc Adam also said he would request a traffic plan for the boatel project, and that all damage to neighboring properties be repaired by the marina.

The boatel project is scheduled to come again before the city's planning and zoning board May 30.