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Date of Issue: May 12, 2005

Woodland withdraws parking request

Anna Maria City Commissioner Dale Woodland still supports the proposed Plan C for parking in the city as presented by Commissioner Duke Miller at the April 28 commission meeting.

But he's changed his mind about allowing certain streets to opt out of the plan, as he suggested at the meeting.

"Plan C is simple and exceptions like opting out will add unnecessary complications and may promote others to seek exceptions. Plan C is truly a compromise in that those who desire open parking get half of what they want and those who desire no parking also get half of what they want. I agree every street should share the burden as well as the relief," Woodland said.

He specifically mentioned Willow Avenue, whose residents wanted to maintain open parking on that street when Commission Chairman John Quam's Plan X for parking was discussed last year.

At the same time, however, Woodland believes that thoroughfare streets such as Gulf Drive, North Shore Drive, North Bay Boulevard and South Bay Boulevard should be "dealt with separate from Plan C so as to keep Plan C simple."

Plan C essentially calls for each street within the already defined beach-access zone to have open parking for a one-year period followed by one year of no parking.

Parking on workshop agenda

The Anna Maria City Commission will discuss specific details of Plan C for parking on beach-access zone streets at its May 12 work session in preparation for a future ordinance. The public is invited to attend.