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Date of Issue: May 25, 2006

Aaaaargh! Smile matey!

Ryan Joseph shows off his best Privateer smile and blue beads at the annual Snooks Adams Kids Day at Bayfront Park in Anna Maria as mom Kelly holds on to the little pirate. Ryan’s brother Dylan participated in the karate demonstration at the event, which was conspicuously absent of its namesake, Snooks Adams, who was hospitalized after a fall and couldn’t attend. Islander Photos: Bonner Joy

kids baby pic

Best little pirates

Three young pirates took awards home for best "costumes," including little Ryan Joseph, held by mom Kelly; Megan Kotkowski, 13, of Parrish; and Mallory Morris, 8, of Holmes Beach.
winner pic

Buried treasure

The tradition of a treasure hunt on the beach in the sand was irresistible to the crowd of kids at Kids Day. These little urchins pitched in to dig "deep" for the treasures of golden coins and beaded necklaces.
treasure pic

Karate demonstration

Another tradition of kids day is the karate demonstration by students of Sensei Kevin Bergquist.
kids baby pic

Snacks, please, sir

Lauren Hart, 4, asks Privateer John Swager, also the cook for Kids Day, with a little help getting into her bag of chips, as her "best friend," Katie Krokroskia, 4, looks on. The pair said they want to be princesses when they grow up, and decided they would be "pirate princesses" for Kids Day.
snacks pic

Spiraling into fun

Bryce Workman, 5, temporarily ignored the goings on at Kids Day in favor of a spin around the spiral on the jungle gym at Bayfront Park. Bryce’s grandmother, Jan Bryant of Holmes Beach, brought her to the event.
spiral pic