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Date of Issue: May 04, 2006

Refinement of Bradenton Beach vision continues

"Don’t forget about the economic importance and viability in the vision of Bradenton Beach in the future" was a recurring theme of the most recent "visioning" exercise in the city.

Members of the city’s Waterfronts: Accessible, Viable, Environmentally Sustainable committee, with the guidance of Dr. Thomas Taylor, are drafting a plan to guide the city through the next decade. Taylor is the facilitator for the effort. The project is a central part of a two-year grant as part of the city’s designation as a Waterfronts Florida community the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

WAVES committee members met last week to further refine goals of their vision plan. Added to a previous list were the need to maintain viable, traditional businesses and provide a balance of residential mixed uses, as well as maintenance of existing buildings.

There was also a desire voiced to identify areas within the city for short-term rentals in addition to locations where traditional homes should be preserved.

In straw votes by those present, the business-protection goal took the lead, followed by the need to control traffic and parking. Also ranked high on the list of goals was preservation of natural and native habitat and historic structures, and removal of invasive plants.

Taylor said the next project for the WAVES committee is refinement of the host of objectives offered by the group, as well as implementation strategies.

The next WAVES meeting will be at 6 p.m. May 3.